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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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"Guest ArmyHooah!"

Don't run your mouth too fast, do a little research good sir. Ft. Dix was indeed an Army BCT base at one point many years ago when they were sending soldiers places to make sure you could even be born. Regardless though to stay on topic I say why not let them have the phones. ONLY if it's earned. They're putting their lives on the line. Why take everything away? Besides it might be just what's needed to push some recruits to work harder. Hooah!
—Guest ...

cell phone use

Thanks very good.Rules to be followed by everyone.
—Guest Balasubramanya Rao K.N.


I think its got to be aloud for like an hour on a sunday. the army website say to bring a phone. are you really gonna not do what the army says?
—Guest ArmyPvt.

It means everything.

I am in a serious relationship with a man who just left for basic two days ago. I recieved texts and calls before and after he got off the plane yesterday, but haven't heard from him since. Ive gone from seeing him every day, to not at all, and Ive been crying so much. Just having the link of one text letting me know he's okay and happy and a reminder that we love each other means the worl to young lovers.
—Guest Navy Nuke's Girlfriend

hell no

I'm leaving to basic and I wouldn't want to have a phone. It's all about focus and leaving old people behind
—Guest Recruit G

This is great

In my opinion it sucked really bad when my husband joined the army six years ago and I got five mins to tell him how our baby on the way was doing...if they already get letters and colloect calls then it was already a distraction so they already here upset styff from home..only difference now is longer time to find out the good stuff from home not just five minutes of bad stuff...when I went thru basic myself in 2008 my husband was un iraq so I was not able to call him collect but if I had my phine I could have talked to him via web....several of our good friends died during the time I was in bct and I got told by a di my husband was ok....really would have rather had my phone to hear it from my husband...besides if your signing up to fight for our country you should have every bit of freedom taken from you...as a mother that also lost my child in 2009 I was glad for every sunday I was able to talk with my child....
—Guest Retired disabled vets spouse

are we also supposed to suffer?

ive gotten clinical deppression since my bf left and not hearing from him except an occassional upbeat crap letter does nothing. i know he loves me but a text a day could be what would keep me with him in the end.
—Guest girlfriend


Maybe after training or on their free Sunday! I think in a way they should get da weekend n 1 day out a week to call n chat with their love ones! Then again maybe not, bc it may leave them sad throughout their job thinking about family n love ones!
—Guest ArmyguysGF!


cell phones are a distraction. even when you arnt training. after bct is when recruits should be able to use cell phones. me i want the most training i can get even on my free time. they are just making it easy for army recruits so they can have more bodies in the war and when it comes to the war are the recruits going to be using their cell phones calling their parents saying their getting shoot at. heck no. this is real life stuff. i m going to the army bct soon im not bringing a cell phone i will see my loved ones at graduation.
—Guest soilder to be

only on sundays

these people against it seem to forget that the article said only on sundays and only if they earn it, they are not just carrying them around whenever they feel like it the drill sargeant hands them out
—Guest jobagel

Absolutely Not

My husband is a Marine who graduated boot two years ago. While 13 weeks of nothing but letters was difficult, I know that recruits being able to have a cell phone and such would have distracted from their main goal - to become the best Marine they could be. The military has these rules for a reason. No matter what branch of the military you're in, you need to have your head in the game. I don't think we need to go changing things now.
—Guest USMC07

During free time, yes.

Even though I don't like this but I do think that recruiters signed up for the army to fight for our country and shouldn't be distracted by technology. However, I do think that they shouldn't be denied to call loved ones during their free time. Maybe the soldier doesn't need to talk to his family, but I'm sure everyone who loves him wishes they could hear his voice and know that everything is ok. My boyfriend has signed up to become a ranger after training so I hope I can talk to him as much as possible while he's gone for months. Just because they are going through life defying situations doesn't mean they shouldn't dissapear out of everyones lives. You never know if you're going to hear or see your loved one again so every phone call is a blessing and reminds us how truly special we are to have such an amazing person in our life.
—Guest Girlfriend of incoming recruit

its training men/women for combat....

its down right ridiculous that recruits get to have their cell phones. im leaving for Marine Corps basic in a few weeks and no this isn't me hating on the army, i respect all branches equally. It distracts these men and women from their main goal, to graduate basic training. and all army or arm ng recruits reading, if you want hell, join me on the Island, Parris Island, where Marines are made.
—Guest Marine Poolie

Army Recruit

I think not because then you dont focus as much as you need to..
—Guest marilyn

I don't see the problem

My bf is in AIT right now and not talking to him is hard. i dont see how atleat one phone call a day could hurt anything... I mean if you were away from everything you knew wouldn't you wanta be able to call home??
—Guest Alisha

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