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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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as a former Ranger and someone who just had there wife ship out and we have kids now i say yes cell phones should be allowed, stipulation only used in the barracks during your free time known as down time, instead of writting a letter call home let everyone know you're ok and it makes things easier to on both ends those going thru training to know those at home are ok and keeps them motivated while away....and those at home takes weight and depression off the shoulders knowing your loved one is doing alright and u can sleep that night because you got to hear there voice.....it aint easy being married 5yrs together 7 spending 24/7 together with kids and then going to pen and paper and waiting on the letters CELL PHONE YES LEFT IN WALL LOCKERS until barracks return
—Guest EXRanger


My boyfriend is in basic now and it's definitely hard to cope with. I get letters every week, but last time I heard from him he hadn't gotten any of mine. The letters we send get to him way after we send them. My boyfriend thinks I haven't wrote to him at all. If he was able to call me I could tell him I write to him every day and that I love and miss him. A phone call gets the job done. And does it much faster than a letter does.
—Guest Army Girlfriend

They Should Be Allowed

I've heard Basic training is hard on them, and yes its important to be able to maintain the strictness of it all. But my boyfriend has gone away to basic, he lives in gthe states and im in canada. The only way we used to get to talk before was skyping all the time and texting. But now while he is gone I cant talk to him AT ALL. It would be nice to have them allowed to have access to their phones at night before bed or something, to say hi to family, friends and to let them know how theyre doing. And it would be much eaiser on the families.
—Guest E

There is no right answer

Anyone who sais no, is playing a game not to win but keep the other team from winning and has no clue what our soldier's loved ones go through to help ensure that any given soldier will have the best chance of success in anything they persue. Anyone that says yes, to a degree, is speaking as a civillian should. Civillians are holding down the fort back home and where man kind is accustomed to maintaining a continuous growing relationship or completelly severing all ties, it's a new experience for almost all parties to maintain an environment and atmosphere that can survive without making it difficult for their soldier to come back to. On the other hand, taking away all communication aspecially at times when family and friends come together to celebrate what they helped build together, is de-humanizing to try and sever bonds that by definition, make us human. If anyone has a solid explanation that proves I am wrong that is not an opinion, then enlighten me.
—Guest Someone experiencing this problem.


In basic training we were aloud to use are cell phones every weekend
—Guest Everett.g.h

No, and not because it's "hardcore."

To all the people saying yes because, "I need to be able to talk to my loved one, this is difficult not being able to talk to them." Or, "this is a new time/era." What in the WORLD did you think Basic Training was SUPPOSED to be? It's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be hard, it's SUPPOSED to push you to your limit, break you and, in the end, build you up again. And don't feed me that shit that, "it's not like they'd get to use them often." How often do YOU use your cell phone? If you were in school any time since cells became common place, how OFTEN did you send a text in class? How DISTRACTING was its use? The defining argument here seems to be "it's not like they'd be distracting" and conversely "it's a new time and a new era and we use cells a lot in our everyday life." With that mind set, since we're so socially dependent on them, what in the world makes people think they WON'T be distracting? Deal with it. It's mean to be as much a test of mental fiber as physical.
—Guest Future USAF

Only sometimes!

I think they should be allowed a few mins once a week just to check in with loved ones! my boyfriend just left to train two days ago and i miss him like crazy! i just wanna tell him i love him and miss him alot.. im not asking for an hour long convo.. yes i understand you need to be tough for training but c'mon its like writing letters! its communication!
—Guest army girlfriend


Absolutely. I also think that it each soldier should know before he or she leaves whether or not they can have their phone. Its rediculous that it is a wait and see game. You hear stories before you leave that if you bring it, you might never see it again. I believe that the soldier and the family back home need a connection at least once a week. As a single mom, this is the longest I have gone (4 weeks) w/o speaking to my son who is doing osut (14 weeks). It is very hard, I am sure he misses home. Phone cards are a joke---have you ever looked at the back of one of them---they deduct up to 35 mins. for using the card at a pay phone. Way to support our soldiers AT&T. If you're lucky enough to be able to go to a commissary, you can buy an AT&T card there that "ONLY" deducts 14 mins per call. Fortunately, I was able to go to a base with my other active duty son and buy the cards there to send to my son at Ft. Benning.

Hell No!

I do not think they should be allowed to have their phones it is basic training not summer camp. If our military gets to soft our country will no longer be free. The military is not for the soft minded if you can not live without your phone maybe you shouldn't sign up. No one is no longer forced into the military so therefore know what your signing up for before you sign the papers.
—Guest random person

Old times exaggerate

Cell phones should be permitted in bct. Their is nothing wrong on sunday which is their day to relax to be able to use a phone. All of you POG's that just wrote about this have probably used the phone more on a deployment than anyone at bct. Ive deployed twice to afghan and to iraq and ive lived on patrol bases, cop's, fobs and all of those places have phones and you can even purchase a hadji phone on deployment. So it is stupid to say what are you going to do on deployment when you cant call. If anything it will help to push soldiers in bct to work harder during the week in order to earn that privallege. You say BCT is suppose to break you down but you forgot the other part of it, which is to build you up. And soldiers in bct working together to accomplish a misson and being "awarded" with a 15 minute call to family will do nothing bad to a SIT. So YES to cell phones! Sorry old timers, yall are just mad because they werent around then. 7 year 11b still active!!
—Guest 11b


Absolutely! You have family back home. They need support just as much as the person going into the military does! Especially if the one.going to basic has children. Like me!!
—Guest MOTHERof2


I leave for basic training tomorrow. and i am definately gonna miss my phone and being able to call everyone and talk but it is only for a short time. I was told you get to earn privileges to use a phone(usually pay Phone) so thats better then nothing. plus letters im getting will definately show how many people actually care what im going through and who will be showing support for me. I think it is just fine not having a cell phone.
—Guest Private Colon


—Guest Sammy


Me and my boyfriend started dating a month ago and our relationship is growing stronger by the day, but tomorrow at 12, he leaves for basic training, 1,040 miles away from me...we are both scared that our relationship will change while he's away but we know that we both want to be with each other, since he has been in my life for about 6 years but we never did anything til' now (just my luck!) but I feel that in order to really make things work, we should ATLEAST be able to get a phone call or a text message a day to keep the relationship strong.
—Guest Military Girlfriend


This disenfranchises every other soldier who has been there before. This makes you mentally stronger. It makes the time you have more appreciative. Get a phone when you go to AIT.
—Guest Guest veteran

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Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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