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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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Cell Phone

I agree, I am wanting to join the AF and I have a 2 year old son. He depends on me, for I am his mother and I'm the one that takes care of him during the day. But I'm working on potty training him so I can join the military. But back on topic. I think we should be able to use cell phones when it is earned. To sit there waiting for the payphone for 2 hours has got to be annoying. I'm sure the cell phone route would be a lot easier and I really don't like not knowing about my son. He's everything to me. And no contact would absolutely drive me in sane. I don't think I'd be able to make it without the contact with my son and my husband. But I am wanting to do this for the experience and to protect my country.
—Guest Melissa

I say yes.

In my own opinion,cell phone use should be allowed as an earned privilege or simply just to avoid standing in line for an hour just to use the pay phones. DS's don't like wasting an hour or two of their time just to watch the PVT's call home when they could use those extra down time to speak to the PVT's and share their experiences in combat. Its not because the army's going soft on new recruits its simply being productive. Nothing's wrong with utilizing the technology we have right now.
—Guest A co 2-46


Yes I think they should be able to call or txt to let there families and friends know they are ok.I have a guy friend that is in the marine corp I miss him so much.He is supose to come back in december then he leaves again for 4 yrs.It sucks.
—Guest jessica bowman


Yes I think they should be able to call or txt to let there families and friends know they are ok.I have a guy friend that is in the marine corp I miss him so much.He is supose to come back in december then he leaves again for 4 yrs.It sucks.
—Guest jessica bowman

Phone Calls Kill the Killer-Instinct

Basic training is a time for learning how to work as a team with your fellow soldiers. I remember, after my first phone call home, I was so homesick that I was ready to bail.

i agree

I so agree with your statement people do need to back off my fiance is in bct.... right now as we speak and will be home in mid decemeber.... i miss him dearly but that's his job hes gotta do what he has to do to keep this country save we are at war right now... no need for cell phones no need for phone calls only writing like they are going to do to families and everyone else... Like really if you date or get married to someone in the army you gotta be strong for them not be week im strong for my fiance i am not week i will not cry for him or wait for his call ill wait until he returns home to his family here and surport him 100% on everything he has to do or say
—Guest army pvt wife to be


All you complaining about missing them or having problems back home without them, Do you not realize that we are in a War right now? If you can't deal with it for Nine Weeks, how are you going to deal with it for Nine to Twelve months? The Marine Corps breaks down our Pride and puts us under so much stress in boot camp so that during combat we won't break down (Although some do) and would know what to do. If we had Cell Phones that we could use at least once a week, it would be so much harder for our Drill Instructors to do that. The Army needs to stop babying their recruits. They need to man them up, Make them realize by signing the dotted line on their contract was a one way ticket to death. Not only that, but the Family needs to get used to it. You think my mom wanted to talk to me for the three months I was gone? Yeah she did and she had problems too. But she sucked it up. Now shes more than ready for my 1st Afghan Deployment because of Boot Camp. Semper Fi
—Guest 0311 Marine

Hell Yes!!!

I got to speak with my husband for less than 10 seconds today but it's true it makes u feel better to get a text or phone call a day. My husband left today and I am 2 months pregnant I feel like this is going to be very hard without much communication. For everyone who thinks its a distraction, do you really think someone who u love is a distraction? U must not have anyone that u want to know that u are doing good. But I guess everyone's entitled to an opinion.
—Guest Proud wife

army pvt wife to be

people need to stop saying this stuff about the army if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be having are freedom of speech and do what we want and please, yes it may hurt my fiances in bct and worried about his family right now... no cell phones no nothing what happens if they where in iqar or some where else and they get a call they could die from not paying attention to what there Recruiters have to say or whoever is in charge.... for the other statement i think that is very self - fish to put your needs first sorry you have depression i no people who have worse problems okay..!!!! but they need to do there job to make are country a better and safer place i surport the army 100% of what they do and i think its great there working to save there lives for us
—Guest army wifepvt

It does help not to call while in basic

I think it does help I went through when we could not have cell phones and I was deployed twice where there no phones and we had to either drive outta the way or waste money for a Iraqi cell phone and phone cards. I didnt really need to do either because I was conditioned to not having being able to call. I also have a brother who just joined and he got his cell phone and he was allowed to smoke and he was never put through a lot of the stressful things I have been through in basic so now at his unit he complains and doesnt obey the simplest of orders and his says its fine because all of his friends do it too. He get deployed soon and I hope he will be ok but if he cant listen things are bound to happen. We are the same MOS and we went to the same basic training, I just think that this is a problem not only in the Army but also in America because we are to soft. We care to much about others emotions, I get not going overboard with it but he have gone to far in the other direction.
—Guest Peter


As long as the platoon is working as a team and is acting as a team then I do believe the whole team should have the privilege to call home and check in on their wife and kids not everyone joining the military is single
—Guest Army 2011

hello ppl!!!:}

of course it should be allowed all this talk about being un focused and not eraning the privilige of communication is sicking to me. somone is loosing lots of freedom to protect the freedom and keep the country safe, so u decide to take away one of the most important things to most ppl to stregnthin them NO!!!!!. i am wanting to join the service and hav a bby to think about i would b more distracted nt knowing his daily status than knowing. i cant speak for everyone but we grow on contact and love and the feeling we get from finding things out frm family friends and the world. PLUS theres distractions everywhere so if ur traing ur recruits to b focoused with no distractions how will they do n war????? ive nver been in one but im gonna asume its loud crazy and VVVVVRRRRRYYYY distracting so i would much rather b taought around and with distractions... so when they do happen in the future we r prpared to wrk serve and complete our duties and tasks at hand with distractions,,,just sayin:}
—Guest wannabe millitary girl

Total BS

I went in when we got to use pay phones... And write letters. I think that the pay phones were a right-of-passage. Allowing the soldiers to have this Sunday opportunity would be too much of a distraction and potenttially hinder their training. I think that cell phone use (smart phones) would be too much of a distraction. What happened to taking everything away so the soldier can build themselves back up? Now, Sunday's may be spent delving back into their old ways... Same thing with no shoe shine time (is this true?) I think I found who I really was/am in the time where I didn't t have outside media/social access. I had a better building of friendship with the soldiers I went in with because we only had social time with each other... No outside drama....
—Guest Old Guard

cell phone use

they will not be able to call during bct..only if they do not pass the final pt test
—Guest hooah

familys far more important

my husband just left for basic yesterday, and ive been diagnosed with major anxiety and depression a couple years ago. with him i was able to stop the medication. he makes me happy. lately the symptoms have come back and i was in a car accident yesterday and the car was totalled so that doesnt help. once a day. thats all i ask. right before bed would be just fine. his voice soothes me and calms the hurt and while sitting at home wishing he was there and crying every 5minutes is bad, not being able to hear him makes it ten times worse. the military is very inconsiderate of families needs. I just want to talk to him once a day. thats it. thats not that hard is it? if you dont want to talk to your family fine but that doesnt mean the others who do should suffer.
—Guest armywife

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