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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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Yes but should be limited.

I think 30 min to a hour a day should be okay. It should be a privilege. If you don't do what your told you should have it takin away but. Then again. It could be a distraction. If they would allow it after a month of basic that would probably be the best they could do.
—Guest James

Staying focus

I looked at it and now I agree my son don't need it, these are I our future soldiers so let them stay focused.
—Guest Lillie

Of course ....... Back up comms

You take them on tour with you to phone and text family when phone and Internet is shut down when they are informing the family members and its all over tv and camp someone h&s died also have them in your pocket while out on patrol because the amazing radios seem to play up when the shit hits the fan and what is the back up even in training exercises texting orders and rv points is just faster and easier than some radio that doesn't like working in a forest because the trees are to big or valley because its to deep
—Guest Frank

Of course

My boyfriend just had his first day in basic training today and it was very hurt to hang up with him because i dont know when i will hear from him again. But if he could keep his phone it would give me comfort just knowing he has it near him. Even if it has to be turn off during the day. Let them keep the phone for the nights. Even if they can talk on them. Let them text. That way they won't lose hope. And feel so alone. There family members and friends will lift them up. Keep their spirts high. And maybe a phone call every sunday. Let them keep their phones please. It would help them and the family members and friends.
—Guest Guest ray


Thinking about it im engaged to be married and I would love to talk to my fiance but I think thats selfish of course I miss him but he's not going anywhere in my opinion phones are somewhat a distraction unless its an emergency then 1 time a week seem s pretty fair. Cause once there times up they cone home dont they and up you can talk for hours and you wont have to worry anymore.
—Guest Rafaela


yes i think they should be allowed on a limited use in basic like 30 min on sunday because it much easier then trying to get every one on the pay phone been there done that
—Guest guest


I went through basic nearly a year ago, I didn't bring my phone cause before basic I didn't even think that would even be a topic. allowing phones? all I did was write letters. basic training is supposed to give you an insight into life without. that is without things you take for granted in the civilian world.
—Guest paul


Personally I think its getting too watered down. Looks like mother of America finally took over. Yes its good to keep in communication with loved ones back home but I believe it takes the focus of training a lot more. Think about it, every weekend u get to use a cell phone, recruits are going to be more focused on that rather than actual training itself. Going through the motions Monday through Friday whereas in Marine basic. You focus on graduation to finally see and talk to loved ones, that's 13 weeks. I think this whole cell phone in boot camp isn't necessary because it doesn't let the recruit mature into a greater more independent self, especially mom and dad blowing up their phone every weekend. Not gonna happen. Recruits already got letters to write to each other. That should be enough. Basic training nowadays is turning more into summer camp tsk tsk
—Guest marine bf w/ army gf

yes! :'(

I mis my love I don't know were he is ... I have depression and can't stop crying so to all that say no go to H.ll No es facil ... tu no saves Si esta bien o viseversa...
—Guest Hinocat


I think they should be able to use the phone at least ones a week , specially if the letters are getting to them late. I am desperate to talk to know about my boyfriend I love him && am going crazy just reading all this stories... help me feel better.
—Guest army girlfriend


My son just enlisted and as the back home people his family have wondered constantly how he is. Any one who has one can quickly call home leaving the pay phone to those who don't. Much more efficient use of time. His conversation last Sunday was rushed because apparently he didn't have his phone and others were wanting to call their families. If a recruit has a phone let them use them. They aren't in prison after all.

Only once per week

I use my phone only once per week, only on a sunday afternoon
—Guest National Guard 1


I agree that all recruits need to focus! I think that they should be working hard & not be distracted but on their free time they should be allowed to use their cellphones. Even if it's just once a week. I want to know how everything is going for my boyfriend & I want him to see that he has family supporting him back home. It's hard for us & especially for him! There's nothing wrong with missing home & getting in contact with loved ones.
—Guest AF Girlfriend


no i agree cell phones should be given honestly i say give them every night you come back in from training either make a phone call on ur cell or write a letter that is the only time it should be allowed because if you are overseas and have a phone such as verizon NATIONAL then you can call home whenever its a sense of security but when a job is to be done there is no phone usage thats why i say DS keep phones until after dinner chow then collect them in the morning at 0530 or whatever....just makes things easier going and more bearable for everyone
—Guest EXRanger


as a former Ranger and someone who just had there wife ship out and we have kids now i say yes cell phones should be allowed, stipulation only used in the barracks during your free time known as down time, instead of writting a letter call home let everyone know you're ok and it makes things easier to on both ends those going thru training to know those at home are ok and keeps them motivated while away....and those at home takes weight and depression off the shoulders knowing your loved one is doing alright and u can sleep that night because you got to hear there voice.....it aint easy being married 5yrs together 7 spending 24/7 together with kids and then going to pen and paper and waiting on the letters CELL PHONE YES LEFT IN WALL LOCKERS until barracks return and DS is done with the debriefing for the day/next day activity
—Guest EXRanger

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Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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