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Readers Respond: Should Army Basic Training Recruits be Allowed to use Cell Phones?

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It's 2012. The technology age for all people. It's not the 60's or 80's. With I pads I phones ect. We should be able to Skype and phone call when we have our 1 hour persy time
—Guest 900 club EHS

Not in Basic

Going to BCT is not just hard on the person going, it's also stressful for the family they leave behind. If someone in BCT is discouraged and feeling homesick and call or text home and unload, it just adds to the stress of the spouse at home. Man up, grow up and deal with it.
—Guest Susan

NO!!! Not at all.

If the troops aren't trained properly they are going to have no discipline and get themselves and others killed when they go to combat. Think about. You can be happy for 3 months when they are at basic or after 12 months of not seeing them when they come home alive after a deployment. You little girls need to grow up and be women.
—Guest Andrew (CPL USMC)


For me, the soldiers i trained with became my new family. I rarely even thought of home. I loved every moment of basic and i couldnt believe i was getting paid to do it. I did write letters and thought that was enough communication with loved ones.
—Guest army vet

Grow up

I say no. For the simple fact kids now a days can't do anything with their parents. Cell phones was a no-go when I was in Basic. They need to continue to use the pay phones that are provided for them. That will limit a lot of frustration the Drills have to deal with. If they are allowed to have them and they know they have them. They will be up all night talking on the phone. And not focused on what they are there for. There for it's a no for me.
—Guest The Soldier

Cell Phones are for Wussies.

I do NOT support the idea of Cell Phones, If you wanna talk to your Significant other, Write them a letter or Use a Damn payphone. If you wanna call them to complain, I say grow a pair and Learn to depend on yourself. You don't need someone there to hold your hand. No one wants to hear you Complain. I'm eighteen and I'm about to enter Basic Training, Yeah I'll miss my Parents and Sister, But I don't need to call them to tell them about my day, That is What will keep me going. It might seem twisted but Its called Personal Motivation. My daddy was an Army Ranger and He had to do Pushups to Receive his Mail and His Phone Calls to/from my mama, Be lucky you don't have to do that.
—Guest Little Ms. Reality


All of you people need to eat some bricks and harden the "f***" up!! I agree with the people that say when you are deployed you cant contact your family etc. I agree also with the people that say "you should time your children better", if you know you are thinking about a military career, dont have kids!!!! "If" it is so hard on you that you have to call home all the time. I am 29 and single, and ready to work the hardest I ever have in my life, physically and mentally. It excites me. The idea of being away from my family and serving people is all I need to keep me going, that and my faith in God. So Im excited, and I think some of you need to really think about why you are joining and if joining the army is really the best option for you, if you are worried about how often you get to call your loved ones. When you are deployed for a year at a time, you dont get a chance to call home... stop being pussies.
—Guest KK1983

after basic every soldier should

No soldiers should not have phones while in basic training it is a huge distraction. I am leaving for usmc basic less than a month I am engaged an have a child 1yr old I will miss them greatly but, I know I will have that chance to contact them its all in the right time an every soldier should at least have the mindset that they will return home. They can take your phones they can take all they want thats the way it should be they kick your ass they break you down to make u unbreakable. I will be proud to be part of the few an the proud. As far as cell phones suck it up all isn't lost basic doesn't last a lifetime you will get the chance to communicate with your family before u know it. My family knows I love them a great deal they will keep that with them an so will I an to take that away u would have to kill me an basic wont kill me.
—Guest usmc bootcamp bound


Only if they all have to wear dresses and hold hands. Why don't we give them sick days to in case they get sore after push-ups. I think they should also have a car issued to them during bootcamp. You guys are really wanting to set them up for failure aren't you. I'm sure the enemy will let them call their mommy before they cut their head off. WAKE UP!!!
—Guest american

Only as a reward

Yes times have changed since I have been in, so I say yes but only on free time or as a reward to help motivate the troops
—Guest Old Sarge


My father served in the marines, and he wished that he could have had everything we had, and he has seen combat, he believes having a cell phone should be allowed, and i agree with him not just because i am going to the army, but because this is 2012
—Guest -son of marine and enlisted army

This is obvious..

Okay people, lets wake up and realize; this ISNT the 60's, 70's, or 80's. Our children are learning to lead by multi-tasking and concentrate in middle schools. Theres more to serving your country then pretending to be a modern Rambo and forgetting where you came from. Having to train former infantrymen to be "human" again is literally sad.


I agree with the Marine that said the Army needs to stop babying their recruits. My dad was a Marine and although he went to basic before I was born, he was not allowed to call is mommy every day when it was was rough it made him the Marine that he was so he could come home and be a dad afterwards to my brother and sister.
—Guest MarineCorpsBeay


I leave for basic in 2 weeks and i was looking forward to the full basic training experience! My dad hated basic and so should i. And all this talk about drill instructions getting in trouble for being "too hard". Come on that's the best part of basic! I hate how things have changed. I don't want basic to be easy but i guess times are changing. Its the information and technology age and some people cant live with out it. Whats next? Are they gonna let our hair grow out too!?
—Guest Army Recruit 12


I was able to talk to my family sometimes. And it helped me, nothing is more encouraging then hearing ur mother say u can do this!
—Guest Pv2

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