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Readers Respond: U.S. Army Illesheim (Storck Barracks), Germany

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Have you ever been to or stationed at U.S. Army Illesheim(Storck Barracks), Germany? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences


i was there from 1948 til 1951. i think i drove sgt irlers crazy. we moves thousands of vehicles to fontenet france in 1951 cpt barnes was the co. sgt cleek was my mentor.


My dad (SFC. Will Thomas) was stationed at Storck Barracks from '72 to '75. I attended Ansbach American High...go Cougars. It was a beautiful area to live in...so glad my dad loved to travel...France, Italy, Austria and all over Germany. Great memories...


I was there in 1975 to 1979 and had a blast there looking for old friends remember me?
—Guest robert Carter

90TH aviation co.

I enjoyed Illesheim,Germany alot, had some good times there .it is ver beautiful country and i like the small towns.I did not like it when our company had to move up near Hanau Germany it kind of changed everything.
—Guest Randy Wunsch

Dispensary Medic 1968 / 70

I was a Medic w/ Hq Co. but was assigned to the dispensary under Dr Roma - I ended up a E5 Buck
—Guest Chuck Crosson/Sgt

eugene sparrow

Eugene, still waiting to hear from you, we went to basic training in the same company
—Guest adrian lara

sgt lara

Eugene sparrow, I was in Aco from 76/79, my big question is, did you go to Ft Polk for basic training in 73? with C41? because if you did we are going to have one hell of communication, im on face adrianlara106@yahoo.com let me now
—Guest adrian

Stationed at Illesheim 1st. of the 6th.

I was stationed from June '72 to Nov. '73 with the combat support company tow platoon. Would like to correspond with someone stationed there at the same time.


Oh my I must be geting old. I was there from Sep 46 th Feb 47 (Yes those are the correct years) I was with the 48th Air Traanport Sq and the 23rd Transportation which was an all Afro-American Sq. As a young one of 18 and 19 I was a personnel clerk f both squadrons. We lived in old German airmen barracks which I must say were pretty nice. Favorite memory was when I was voluntereed t be a court recorder for a court martixal. And I couldn't take a word of short hand. Went on from there an made a career of AF and retiresd in 1967 as a SMSgt. The site brought back some great memories.
—Guest Bob Ogden

I was there.

Arrived Storck Barracks two weeks after Kentucy Derby Day 1965. Had the best of times in Europe. Became a Tank Commander.
—Guest Dave Anderson

sgt lara

was in illesheim from 76/79 in Aco 1/6, and yes it was a lot of friction, but we did our best to do the right thing can't complain because for me and my family overall was a good time [3] yrs, went back in 03 and looks the same, the only thing missing is the old NCO club and PX, but can anybody tell me why too much trouble for me to buy in the commissary with my retired ID? it was really a surprise to listen to employ yees telling me that I had to show that I pay taxes in germany
—Guest adrian lara

591st tranportation Co.

I was there between fall of 1961 - 64. I really enjoyed it and the German people were friendly.
—Guest Arthur Reed

Steve Pratte

Steve, Go to Looking old US Army friends and join.I got on there a day or two ago. A lot of guys on there.
—Guest Rickey Utley

Steve Pratte

Steve if you are on facebook,search Lanny Utley in Wynne,Arkansas.Send a message. Iremember you,Capt. Cassidy and some others.
—Guest Rickey Utley

rickey utley

I was in CSC1/6 4.2 mortar platoon 72-75 Ibelieve u worked on our vehicles you remember in Greece we floated mortar carriers in salt water caught SHIT for that
—Guest Steve Pratte

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U.S. Army Illesheim (Storck Barracks), Germany

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