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Readers Respond: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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From the article: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Have you ever been to or stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Basic training

I was at Ft. Leonardwood in May 1953 for my basic training and wheel mechanic school. Once, coming back from the field, a soldier's rifle went off as he was entering the barracks. I don't know if the bullet went through the roof of the entrance overhang or not but that was where it was pointed.
—Guest Richard Armentrout

I miss Pick Elementary

I went to Pick Elementary when we were stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. I attended at least 3-6 grade there that I can remember. I had great teachers such as Mrs. Bibbs, Mr. Hatley and last but not least Mr. Pesante. I hated to leave that school. It upset me greatly when we had to move due to dad retiring. My dad was E8 Master Sgt. Jasper Thelbert Phillips. We lived at 9 Knight Street in Fort Leonard Wood.
—Guest Cindy Ann Phillips

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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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