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Readers Respond: Fort Huachuca, Arizona

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From the article: Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Have you ever been to or stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

incredibly overcharging

Why would I pay $75 a night when I can stay off post for $32 a night? And no its not a roach motel. This is atrocious! I will make sure I tell as many people on fort Huachuca as possible about how you guys overcharge soldiers. It's a disgrace.
—Guest Levi Rollins

also in 73rd at Huachuca from Fort Mon.

I was discharged 29 Mar.1961. If you were to visit, you would not recognize anything, except for the main gate. All of the old barracks are gone, Tombstone has been turned into a Disneyland attraction, the Charleston road is paved and littered with housing
—Guest leonard


Hi, interested in any one attached to engineer division 1971,
—Guest Jim Lavender

Getting to Fort Huachuca

If you are flying in to Tucson and going to Sierra Vista or the Fort Huachuca installation, your best option is to utilize the Airport Shuttle Service (3 Canyons Transit) rather than renting a car. 520.803.6713 and on-line at: www.GOShuttleAZ.com They do provide a dependable, reliable and cost effiecient daily shuttle from the Tucson airport and do require advance RSVP's. I used the service on several occassions and found them very dependable, reliable, clean and friendly and offer excellent service to our serving military families. Thank you for your service, sacrifices, and dedication to our Country!
—Guest usajetfire

former resident in the army at Huachuca

I was disscharged from ft Huachuca inJune 1954 73RD signal corp we came from Ft Monmoth NJ and re opened the camp. I would like to visit huachuca??
—Guest James Granack

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Fort Huachuca, Arizona

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