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Readers Respond: Fort Bliss, Texas

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From the article: Fort Bliss, Texas
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Information posted on Fort Bliss is all wrong. It is not the home of Air defense artillery but home of the 1st Armored division, check the website history andupdate if you are going to source
—Guest offutt

Housing for when I'm based at bliss

Im pv2 page and I was wondering I can make housing arrangements for me and my wife? On my ako I saw a provision that I will be based at fort bliss once I graduate here at fort sill. My graduation date is November 6th and I'm planning on taking 8 or 10 days of leave after I graduate to go home and help my wife pack, visit family and friends. So I'm wondering about the process to go through to try and set everything up so I can move in with my wife when I report for duty? Thank you for your time.
—Guest Robert page

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Fort Bliss, Texas

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