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Readers Respond: Experiences at U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg

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From the article: U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg
Have you ever been to or stationed at U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Memories of duty in Bamberg

I arrived on Woodstock weekend in 1969, I arrived by steam train. I was there until January of 1972. The whole experience was a highlight of my life (yes, even miserable guard duty in Winter). We did motorized patrol of the Muna area too. I lived in the copper-roofed HQ building at the end of post, and we often ducked over to the Weisenberg for a schnitzel and a beer after duty. In Summer, we often jammed out and went to the schwimbad up the street. I remember Graffenberg too, and it was a total blast, in many ways. Yes, Hertie Platz and the bratworsts, and schloss Altenberg (we climbed the tower *many* times! Tourist tours in town were enlightening, the vinyl records, posters, candles, antiques, and incense were common item bought in town, and there were too many great places to eat! From Bamberg, the guys & I ventured out all over Europe, but couldn'y travel behind the "Iron Curtain" (sadly) back then. Went to many rock concerts all over, and often attended concerts at Meistersinger

Old friend of Bamberg

I was stationed in Bamberg for 27 years, what alot of great memories. Sure I remember mautkller, weinerwald, leiterlein, milano's and all those places. I was mainly stationed in 1/52 Inf, 7/6 Inf and 279TH BSB.
—Guest Steve Audritsh

F trp 2/2 ACR, driver, F34

Going home to Bamberg this summer and can hardly wait, was with 2/2 ACR from Jan 77-Aug 79, Finally going home again, will get to stroll Hertie Square again, The Dom; Mautkellar memories, anyone remember Pizzahaus Millano? And The Scrounge in Squadron HQ? (Always ready,second to none, SIR!!)Toujour Pret
—Guest herman Bodkin

Cav CIF NCO/Property Book NCO

Hey SSG Williams. SSG Meyer here. I was CIF from Apr 78 {2 mnths w/SSG Pepper then by myself) 14 months later changed to Property Book NCO. I was in HHT also til Dec 80. What Section did you work in HHT?
—Guest Tom Meyer


Was stationed in Bamberg from Oct 61 to Nov 62. Great experience. am interested in finding out where post was located at that time since I'll be in Bamberg on approx 8/20 via a Viking cruise. Would like to take a walk down memory lane.
—Guest Dave Conn


i was stationed in Bamberg from 1978-1981. I was with HHT 2/2 ACR . Is the Kaserne still under USA control today? We patrolled the border between the FRG and DDR. I had many great times while stationed there especially at what we nicknamed "Hertie Square" named after Hertie dept. store. Frequented the Mautkeller and the Wienerwald restaurant. Thank you for letting me share. SSG S. Williams HHT 2/2 ACR APO 09139 (still remember APO!
—Guest Scott Williams

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Experiences at U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg

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