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Readers Respond: Fort Lewis, Washington

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From the article: Fort Lewis, Washington
Have you ever been to or stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

March to May 1970 Basic BCT Training

Assigned to C 2 2 basic training unit. Most guys were from Oklahoma. AFEES entry point was Phoenix,AZ. Anybody in that unit from Mar 16 to early May 1970?
—Guest Mike Olson

Rediculous Pricing for Rainier OnBase

So now that there are NO military lodging facilities for Soldier's family members to stay at and now it is all civilian contracted, the starting cost for a room that used to be 18-35 dollars is now starting at $100!
—Guest Dana Varab


I remember the crazy n wild times partying at the enlisties club n the often brawls that happened between units. We all claimed that ours was the best one when in truth we were just one Army. How dumb we were. Lol
—Guest Frank


I was stationed at Ft. Lewis from 4/76 - 11/78. I also trained at Yakima Firing Center and deployed over seas from Lewis. Being from the lower desert of S. California I was surprised to see snow a upon my arrival, which I wasn't use to seeing. The summers were usually beautiful, we enjoyed spending time at the parks cooking, canoeing and just having a great time. I had never experienced wild life roaming just outside my door. I will never forget my time there for I met some very fine people, some of whom I kept in touch with way after my time of service was ended.
—Guest Frank

Wrong phone number

Can someone please edit the childcare phone numbers on this page? The number for madigan CDC has the area code 254 rather than 253. It connects you to this poor farmer in Texas. He says he gets calls multiple times per day. Please someone fix this so he stops getting calls! :) thanks!
—Guest Justine

classes being missed

i would like to no how your school system is allowing children to be gone 5 to 6 days for a wedding,,, that should not really be allowed i'm talking about the goat family wonder what the board of education wood say
—Guest Denise Roe

Poor service

It is so frustrating when calling for assistance to not able to seak to someone.
—Guest Roy Murphy

Archival info

Searching for any info about my grandfather, Allen David Brawner, who signed up in late Sept. or early October, 1917.
—Guest Marjorie Russell

Cancel Reservation

Need to cancel reservation due to the weather there at JBLM. Rsv 23-26 Jan 2012. Tried calling but no answers. Thks
—Guest G. Kourrari

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Fort Lewis, Washington

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