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Readers Respond: Fort Lewis, Washington

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington? Tell us all about your experiences.

March to May 1970 Basic BCT Training

Assigned to C 2 2 basic training unit. Most guys were from Oklahoma. AFEES entry point was Phoenix,AZ. Anybody in that unit from Mar 16 to early May 1970?
—Guest Mike Olson

Poor service

It is so frustrating when calling for assistance to not able to seak to someone.
—Guest Roy Murphy

Archival info

Searching for any info about my grandfather, Allen David Brawner, who signed up in late Sept. or early October, 1917.
—Guest Marjorie Russell

Cancel Reservation

Need to cancel reservation due to the weather there at JBLM. Rsv 23-26 Jan 2012. Tried calling but no answers. Thks
—Guest G. Kourrari

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