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Readers Respond: Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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Do you want to swap your current Army enlisted assignment with another? List your current duty station, rank, MOS, where you would like to be stationed, and email contact information. Who knows? Others may see it and be willing to swap with you! List Your Preferences

swap assignment's

92a trying to go to Stewart currently in fort knox

Trying to go to Germany

I'm currently station in Ft Stewart. 12N Engineer. I'd like to to swap with anyone one who go assignment to Germany or Hawaii. Email me: roger_cruz9@yahoo.com
—Guest Jose Cruz

25B20 At Irwin, CA looking for Ft Sill

25B20 got orders for Irwin, CA MAR2015 looking for Ft Sill
—Guest Jose


Got orders to South Korea would like to swap anywhere inside USA
—Guest Spc Han

68 E fort Riley to Fort Gordon Georgia

E2 25 years old female,68 E going to Fort Riley Kansas and looking to swap for Fort Gordon Georgia or anywhere closer to Florida.My report date is June 30th.

e4 25b on orders 2 germany,will trade

I have a report date of August 10th, 2014. Will trade to anywhere else (especially CONUS). Married, so I guess u will also need to be the same.
—Guest spc a

15G nting a swap out of korea

ill take pretty much anywhere, just got full custody of my son in divorce and really want to stay stateside. email me at andrew.j.sparks.mil@mail.mil or asparks1700@hotmail.com
—Guest Spc Sparks

Orders to Germany would like stateside

Report date 10August14 to Baumholder,Germany. Would like To stay at Campbell or anywhere in the continental US.
—Guest 89A E5

Ft Irwin Looking for Ft Sill 25B

25B20 scheduled to report in Mar2015 to Ft Irwin looking for Ft sill
—Guest SGT Fig


Currently on orders to Fort Hood report date Dec 10 2014. looking to go to Fort Bragg or Eustis but open for options
—Guest Keneon Francis

Ft Bragg for HI

E-4 15s10p currently at ft bragg looking for Hawii
—Guest Chance

Pfc 11c

Current at jblm wanting to go south or east. Email me at tobielee22@yahoo.com

91B spec want swap from Alaska to Kansas

91B spc with orders to Alaska in July. Hoping to swap to Riley or Leavenworth to be closer to my kids through our custody battle. Please email jock140810@yahoo.com if interested.

E5 19D currently at Ft.Drum

Looking to swap for Stewart, but open to other options as well!

trying to go to fort irwin

I have orders to Fort Campbell and I am really trying to go to California to be closer to my family.
—Guest Pvt Anzures

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Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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