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Readers Respond: Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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Do you want to swap your current Army enlisted assignment with another? List your current duty station, rank, MOS, where you would like to be stationed, and email contact information. Who knows? Others may see it and be willing to swap with you! List Your Preferences

88M Ft. Eustis Va anything in GA

Spc 88M currently looking for anything in Georgia for Ft Eustis Va anyone interested email me ishimoore@gmail.com
—Guest SpcBoyd

92f20 trying to get to Bragg from Carson

I'm a 92f Sgt at Fort Carson. I would like to swap for Bragg. Clemm82@gmail.com

In Hawaii wanting Fort Sam!

Any E5 68W's at Fort Sam willing to swap and come to Hawaii?
—Guest J Burke

88M swap Ft.Eustis for ft.Stewart

I am a 88m Spc currently stationed at ft Eustis Va and would like to swap with someone at ft Stewart Ga. Contact me @ ishimoore@gmail.com

E4 25B on orders to Ft. Hood

I'm on orders to report to Ft.Hood in January 2015 and I want anything closer to east coast. Preferably Georgia or Carolinas. tmorri5077@gmail.com

91B trade Ft Hood for west coast

I am an E-4, 91B and I report to Ft. Hood May 2015. After being stationed at Polk the last 3 years was looking to get something a little closer to home/where we want to settle. Prefer Fort Lewis, but anything closer West might do, even Ft. Irwin.

91E Italy trade for stateside

Looking to stay stateside do not want to go to Italy, will trade for anywhere in the US.
—Guest Eu49ers

Swap Bragg for Hood/Carson

PFC 35F looking to go to Ft. Hood or Ft. Carson ASAP
—Guest 35F

19K to korea

I need to go back to Korea to take care of my wife who is ill
—Guest cody

swap washington for anything east coast

Soon to be pfc 88 m, looking to swap duty stations from washington (ft lewis) to anything on east coast (pref. Ga) please email me or call 904 333 4868
—Guest PV2 soon to be PFC Scott 88m

swap korea for anything conus

I leave July 2015 to Korea please help!!!! I take anything thanks I'm a female and my mos is 88m
—Guest doris

91s3 looing to swap alaska for stateside

orders to alaska in sept2015 would like to stay anywhere stateside contact me at belizeanfolks@gmail.com
—Guest enrique

PV2 25B orders to Fort Bliss Tx

Looking to swap another PV2 with orders in Alaska, Missouri or someone in the midwest. My date to report is 20141121. Contact me at chu_xyooj@hotmail.com
—Guest Xiong900




I want to go to Florida. I'm stationed in Fort Bragg, NC . Email pattopitto@yahoo.com

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Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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