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Readers Respond: Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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Do you want to swap your current Army enlisted assignment with another? List your current duty station, rank, MOS, where you would like to be stationed, and email contact information. Who knows? Others may see it and be willing to swap with you! List Your Preferences

pfc swat from bragg to benning

I'm a 25 U wanting to leave ft. Bragg and go to ft. Benning :) Email. Alyssarenay@rocketmail.com
—Guest Aly

92Y (e4)

FORT RILEY E4 (92Y) Looking to swap FOR anything on the west coast and/or including az, co, tx, sc, anything on the East Coast, or anything Oconus. Please Email me at krg_ecoluv3@yahoo.com....have already completed a year at current station (Ft. Riley). I am open to anything really...anything but Ft. Riley.
—Guest kbtoyz

74d ssg wanting ft leonardwood for bliss

Looking to find anything on ft Leonard Wood for bliss. i am not picky but must be a 74D Ssg posituon
—Guest ssg ken johnson

88M E5 Fort Riley for Fort Eustis

Currently in Fort Riley,KS and looking to swap with someone from Ft Eustis,VA. Email address is harline.oliver@gmail.com.
—Guest Sgt OLIVER

Looking For Carson/Lewis

Wanting to be closer to home. Currently at Campbell text or call me 562-508-6985 I'll settle for OCONUS as well
—Guest ( 42A ) PFC Reyes


Have orders to FT Hood looking to swap for any available assignments on the east coast reporting Dec 2014 646-261-4430
—Guest Smith

swap Fort Hood to Fort Sam

I am an E5 trying to swap from Ft Hood to Ft Sam. Please call 254-288-8003 or 757-513-0081
—Guest Jessica Acey

Swap to Ft. Sam Houston from Fort Hood

Im a PFC, 91B. I want to got to Fort Sam Houston to be closer to my wife who is a military technician in the Texas Army National Guard. She can't relocate her job and I prefer to be in San Antonio with her and my step-son. Please email my wife since she knows how to handle this type of stuff. Lindsaytharp2009@gmail.com
—Guest PFC Kyle Schreckengost

Swap ft riley for ft drum

looking to swap ft riley to go to ft drum. I'm a PV2. Please call me at (631) 624- 3347 or e-mail me at derazo62@yahoo.com
—Guest PV2 Erazo


I'm a 92Y currently stationed in ft riley ks. I'm looking to go to ft. drum ny. If anyone is interest please call me at (631) 624-3347 or e-mail me at derazo62@yahoo.com
—Guest PV2 Erazo

68W PFC Swap Request

I have orders to 10th Mountain in Fort Polk, LA in January of 2015 if anyone would like to switch, may even include monetary bonus, would like to switch to Alaska, Campbell, or Bragg if possible, but would take almost anything else. Let me know c15sixeightwhiskey@gmail.com
—Guest Yoooooo

swamp assignment

Hey I'm a SPC 68W on assignment to FT Sill. Would really rather not be there. Anyone interested let me know hyaya6907@gmail.com
—Guest pats24

colorado switch for anywhere east coast

Assigned at the Air Force academy looking for anything on the east coast to be closer to family due to mothers and daughters health reason contact me @ wamc16@yahoo.com
—Guest 68w(sfc-e7)

68E at Ft. Hood DENTAC want Ft. Carson

I am a 68E E4 looking to swap from Fort Hood DENTAC with report date 12/10/2014 to Ft. Carson or anywhere in East Coast to be closer to family. email me at modengi84@yahoo.com

91E USAG Ansbach Germany

Hello, im really trying to stay stateside to be with my wife and she can not go to Germany, please if anyone wants to swap, we really dont mind as long as we are in the states. My Contact is myft86@yahoo.com or kappleton49@gmail.com
—Guest Eu49ers

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