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Readers Respond: Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

Responses: 1738


Do you want to swap your current Army enlisted assignment with another? List your current duty station, rank, MOS, where you would like to be stationed, and email contact information. Who knows? Others may see it and be willing to swap with you! List Your Preferences

42A Sembach Germany report 10Jul2015

I am on orders to Sembach Germany in 2015, I would like to go to Ft. Knox
—Guest SPC McMiller

Spc (11b)

Have orders to Bragg trying to stay at ft lewis or go to ft Irwin. Report date 10jun2014. Email is harawa87@gmail.com
—Guest guest11


Civilian spouse works in Mississippi. I am very ill. Looking to swap from Ft. Bliss, TX to Ft Rucker, AL... 915-887-7174

Spc (11b)

Have orders to Bragg trying to stay at lewis or go to irwin because of family. Report date is 10jun14
—Guest guest11

Bragg for Midwest or anywhere

I am a SSG 25U30P, I need to get away from NC and SC due to family issues. I would like Ft. Campbell, but will consider going anywhere, to include overseas. kriscoleman1982@yahoo.com or kristina.e.nealy.mil@mail.mil
—Guest K Nealy

91 Lima going to irwin

On orders to irwin June 30 wants leonorwood of anywhere besides Cali E-5
—Guest Jones d

Carson for Campbell

11B E-7 PCS to Carson May 2014, want to switch to Campbell.
—Guest 11B E7

SPC (E-4) 68X

SPC (E-4) 68X at polk in hospital anywhere but here, TX mostlikely.
—Guest SPC (E-4) 68X

Fort Drum

I am currently stationed in Korea, I am on assignment to Fort Drum. I want to go to Fort Bragg where my fiancé, and his mother are. my report date is 10 Nov 14. My outlook is address Tanya.l.griffith.mil@mail.mil
—Guest Tanya Griffith

Fort Drum

I will be ETSing from the Army in October of 2015. Currently I am in Assignment to Fort Drum, but I would like to go to Fort Bragg, where my Fiancé and his mother are. I am a E6 88N
—Guest Tanya Griffith

Looking for VA, WA, MD, DC, SC

E4. 25B @ Ft. Riley. Looking for Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, South/North Carolina, or Washington state. Fairly open.
—Guest guestksd


Currently in Texas, wanting to go somewhere closer to Ky. E4 Email me at elizab.rc@gmail.com
—Guest Wife0601

15T wanting to move closer to TN

Stationed in Ft Hood May will be a year wanting to get somewhere closer to TN text me at 423-579-0795 if your interested in trading
—Guest PFC Tipton

92y10 bottem east coast

I an looking to swap with some one on the east coast. I am currently at ft Leonard wood. Attached to an mp company. Email at abpearson89d@Yahoo.com. hmu with what you got
—Guest bryan


11 B/SPC-Currently stationed at FT.HOOD looking for anything around FT.BENNING/FT.BRAGG

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Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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