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Readers Respond: Do You Want to Swap Assignments?

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Swapp from Baumhoder Germany

I'm an 91B E5 willing to swapp orders to stay in FT Bragg or stateside you can contact me at nalejandrovelaquez@yahoo.com also my report date is Oct 10 2010
—Guest SGT Alejandro


92Y PFC/SPC @Fort Knox Trying to get to any of the following: Madatext2004@yahoo.com FT.BRAGG,NC* Ft.Jackson,SC* Ft.Lee,VA* Ft.Pickett,VA Ft.Eustis,VA* Ft.Gordon,GA* Ft.Belvoir,VA Ft.Stewart,GA* Ft.Detrick,MD Ft.Ritchie,MD Ft.Gillem,GA Ft.McPherson,GA Ft.Benning,GA

92F20 w/orders to Hood

I'm a 92F20 and me and my husband both have orders to ft hood,tx so if there is anyone out there that wants to stay with a buddy or spouse and wanna swap orders as long as it's the east coast.Contact me at crystal.weston@us.army.mil Thanks
—Guest SGT Weston


Will also help with move/$600... FT.JACKSON SC OR FT. LEE VA ( anything close to the eastcost/ FORT BRAGG within a 5 hour drive_ thank you Madatext2004@yahoo


MOS: 92Y RANK: PFC/SPC AT: FORT KNOX REQUESTING: FORT BRAGG Currently stationed at Fort Knox Kentucky. Current Unit: 3-1 HHC STB. Wanting to swap for Fort Bragg North Carolina. Would love to get placed in the XVII AirBorn Corps. But not a NEED. Please Email Thanks! PFC Perry Madatext2004@yhoo.com jennifer.perry2@us.army.mil

E4 68WM6: Tripler to BAMC

E4 with orders to Tripler in Hawaii, but need to stay in Texas due to child custody and other family issues. Let me know if you want to swap or know someone who might. 210-693-8039.
—Guest Lamont

92f20 got orders to camp humpreys korea

i have orders on 08/10/2010 would like to go to ga,sc,nc if interested email me morrispeggy@yahoo.com or morrisdexter@yahoo.com
—Guest dexter

15P E4 swap for Ft Campbell to Ft Bragg

15P E4, I am currently at Ft campbell ky hoping to get to Ft Bragg to be closer to my wife & 3 kids as well as my family on the east cost. Please contact me at Mikejonnc1@yahoo.com or michal.c.johnson8@us.army.mil / 931 494 3837
—Guest SPC Johnson, michael c

88M on orders for Ft. Bliss from Bragg

Trying to stay at bragg Ddue to report to Bliss in august 910-849-7989

Ft Bliss

Trying to stay at Ft Bragg on orders to report to Bliss in august

66N to germany, NEED stateside

I am a 66N headed to Germany looking to go to anywhere stateside in the southeast (North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, DC, etc). I have really sick family at home that I NEED to attend to and provide care for. Germany is a great, if not the best, opportunity for anyone interested. I would appreciate it more than you know. Please email mce8790@comcast.net
—Guest 66N going to germany


at bragg trying to stay I have orders to Ft Bliss for August
—Guest michelle grant

11b lewis for bliss

I am stationed at lewis and have orders for bliss. e-4 11b. do not want to have to move my family and like lewis.
—Guest dillman051388

Fort Hood for Fort Lewis

Im a SPC 92A Wanting to swap from Ft Hood to Ft Lewis. Report date 06/26/2010. Contact Info om.cs.gv@gmail.com
—Guest 081308

Trying to stay at Fort Lee

I am a 2LT currently attending degree completion program at Virginia State University. I am dual military and a QM officer. My family has already been relocated to VA, however, the unit that I was supposed to be assigned to is overstrength. I am looking for a 2LT, QM officer willing to swap with me so that i may be able to stay at Fort Lee with my family.

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