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Readers Respond: Share your experiences with Becoming an Air Force Pilot

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Are you an Air Force Pilot? Or, do you desire to become one? Share your experience. Share your experiences


I woud ike to share experience with air force pilot
—Guest jade shakur

I want to becomean air force pilot

I'm currently finishing my matric final and I'm not studying science and maths that u want but being an airforce pilot is my dream and I want to achieve my dream,what can I do any advise?
—Guest Palesa Moss

My daughter wants to fly...

She knows what she wants. She is in AFJROTC and knows she wants to be a pilot. She doesn't want to be in a fighter jet. She wants to do mid-air re-fueling. I am not educated in how much skill it takes to accomplish the task of mid-air re-fuel but it takes precision. I admire my daughter for knowing what she wants and setting her goals. The only thing is she wears Converse tennis shoes alot...even with arch supports her feet are losing their arches. The air force doesn't accept anyone with flat feet. And she is so committed to her flight at school. She always wins "last man standing", even on crutches! Could the military really turn down someone so motivated?

Video Games

Guys this is real life its not battlefield that you hop in the F35 and try not to crash
—Guest Apollon

Is there another way to be a pilot

Is there another possible way to become a pilot with out being a Officer? I heard that you can but I'm not sure and if so how can I become one? I'm currently thinking of enlisting in the Air Force to be in The Security Forces but I really want to be a pilot! Any advice? I have no military background
—Guest Ricardo


Flew F-16s out of Shaw in the 90s. Great experience. Get some Private hours now, if you can. Work a second job if need-be. Be prepared to get FAIP-ed out of flight school. It's rare to be a first-assignment fighter pilot. Good luck!
—Guest 'DAWG'

I Get Allergies yearly

I'm 15 and i thought being a pilot for the military would be a cool career but i get yearly allergies, would I be turned down automatically?
—Guest Clayton


Why is it that the colorblind are not able to join? What makes it a problem?
—Guest Jordan

Am not sure i can do it...

I've played many flying games. and the most accurate is battlefield 3. it has amazing graphics and u can shoot other jets down who have other players in. you can unlock many different weapons and countermesures. and its so realistic. so i decided to become an airforce pilot. am only 12 and i know how hard it realy is. and am not sure i can do all that science stuff. but am sure i can pull through. i know i can. but becuase of my ageing and already becoming 13. i still have asthma. but its starting to fade away. i dont expierence much as i did last year. only when allergies like dust and dirt can affect me. but i think i woont be able to. i'll just get disqalified :( i will never get to defend my counrty and fell waht it is to be a true American. and the amazing jets. the A-10 warthog, F-18 Super Hornet, Frogfoot, and the Flanker..... but hey... i can sure as hell fly those airplanes in my BEST vidoe game ver...battlefield 3.
—Guest Alex

Vision requirements

Does the Air Force allow those with LASIK to join. Do they provide for the expenses of LASIK? How much does LASIK cost? What is the uncorrected vision limit? Can you flay with contact lenses?
—Guest Wannabe pilot

More Details?

I have had the desire to serve in the US military for the majority of my life, and have already decided upon attending officer school upon graduating from my university. However, I doubt that pilots are constantly air bourne and have an alternate position in which they fill when grounded. I am currently majoring in neurosciece and was just wondering what other tasks/positions are thrust upon active air force pilots?
—Guest Anonymous

My ultimate dream

I am an RN who desperately wants to join the air force. It's a shame though that I am an inch short of that dream. Any advice?
—Guest Mona

Civil Air Patrol

Another untold bonus is Civil Air Patrol which is an auxillary of the Air Force. Cadet second Lt. makes you an E3. E3 equals more pay and a jumpstart of about 3-4 months on others for promotions.
—Guest C/amn Putt

Advice for everyone

James, ive got some advice for you. Join the Civilian Air Patrol. You can fly 5 times in a glider, and 5 times in a cessna. ROTc of any branch would help as well.
—Guest Lucas

pilots license

My dad was in the AF and he said that they prefer people who don't already have their pilot's license because they want to teach you their way.
—Guest maddy

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Share your experiences with Becoming an Air Force Pilot

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