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Readers Respond: Share your experiences with Becoming an Air Force Pilot

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Are you an Air Force Pilot? Or, do you desire to become one? Share your experience.


I second that. My recruiter told me the Air force is now paying for LASIK for anyone who doesn't have 20/20 vision as it is no longer in it's experimental stage.
—Guest Jenny

Im just an interested applicant

I Bernard bula writing to express my deepest interest in taking up the mention career,I have no experience but writing to seek your assistance in assisting me into taking up what i have been dreaming of to be part of,how ever im jst only a graduate Diploma mining engineer just recently graduated,and there after continuing taking up Private Pilot ground studies at the Philippines,please assist me encounter into your college.awaiting your humble reply.YoursSincerely.BERNARD BULA.
—Guest Bernardbula

Good luck getting information.

I tried calling and going by local recruitment offices repeatedly on a weekly basis. It seems they staff it with college students who are NEVER there. After my 30th call someone finally picked up the phone only to give me another number to call. Perhaps this is why only the persistent prevail. The least they could do is hire more staff.
—Guest Sarah

I'm scared...

Thanks a ton for the info. I'm definitely going to try harder to graduate my devil school... Being a pilot sounds awesome. I want to fly. I want to join the military and defend my country. Any advice though? I'm only 15. I've never flown before. And I haven't played many "flying" video games like my brothers... lol
—Guest James

thank god for lasik

i want so bad to become a pilot, and want to support the AF. I was told i was on the right track by being an AS-200 in AFJROTC, but more specifically, what can i do?
—Guest dylan

USAF Pilot

Been there! Done that! It's a matter of believing in one's ability, and doing the hard work.... Remember, many people have accomplished the task before you.

Eye sight correction

This is incorrect, you can have your eyes corrected surgically and still become a pilot for the Air Force. The Air Force is actually a strong supporter of LASIK surgery.
—Guest Thomas


i am appearing mechanical engineering in final year

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