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Readers Respond: Surviving Air Force Basic Training

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They're all hard

Some people make it through USMC training with little difficulty, and then some make it through AF BMT with little difficulty. Others aren't as lucky and get stuck and find them both to be horrible. Your training EXPERIENCE may be worse, but mine might be just as bad, regardless of branch.
—Guest Michael


Seriously, have you read the entire thread from my original post? Some 'tard decided to claim BMTS was/is equal to recruit training. That is flat out not true. Another 'tard decided to use stereotypes about the Army & Marine Corps but didn't want to be responded to with the stereotype that the Air Force is soft. I've expressed my own admission that we all have different missions which require different skill sets. Each time I do, someone comes back claiming I'm being a hater. I've been thru the toughest basic training the US has to offer. Deny that and prove yourself delusional. I've been thru one of the easier basic trainings the US has to offer. Deny that and prove yourself delusional again. I haven't belittled until someone gets disrespectful. I honor everyone's service, just don't try to make it more than it was. That's disrespecting yourself and your branch.

Getting shots

Has anyone recently graduated from Air Force BMT? What kind of shots do they give you? Is it true they give you a shot in the butt?
—Guest Merc563

SrA's as MTI's...

Now, I'm not trying to put anyone down or overgeneralize here, but I've often wondered over the years since I went to BMT why a Senior Airman (E-4) can be an MTI. The other services require a minimum E-5. My MTI was a SrA and rather low on the maturity curve. Even a lateral promotion to Sgt (which the AF had back then) required more experience than the average SrA has...just something I never figured out.
—Guest Former ANG Comm Puke


I just graduated June 8th 2012, and a lot of things are different since this article was written. I only had to do KP one day, and it's from about 0345-2000. It's actually not bad because the day goes by pretty quick, and you get some dessert. We used our phones for every phone call we made because our TI said patio time as a reward was stupid. The phones didn't work anyway. Also, they are required to give you 15 minutes to call home every week and pass out mail everyday except the weekends and detail days. I don't know about a "push-up minimum." How much they can make you do push-ups, flutter kicks, and squat-thrusts (in that order) depends on the week of training. You do more cycles the further along you are. Everyone was looking forward to the obstacle course until it came. It wasn't hard, but it really sucked. BEAST sucks. Wearing battle rattle all day (from 0430-1600) is just miserable in the summer. The chalk walk was the only thing saving BEAST. You'll see.
—Guest ABLingust


I got to the part about the butterfingers increasing for those last water obstacles during the summer in Texas, and I laughed out loud. I was one of the people who ran the old confidence course in JULY, and got to those last two things to finish, both water. I'd made it over the pool for the Tarzan swing, and the TI told me I could drop. I grinned at him, swung back and dropped into that pretty pool of cold water. It felt sooooooo good in that heat!
—Guest AquariaSW


Does anyone know how much you make during BMT???? Seriously thinking about joining but i need to figure out how much i will be making so I can figure out how much i need to save before i leave my current job!
—Guest Nat


I just have a quick question. Whenever we first arrive, and our T.I. picks on us for various differences and uses those to pick out Trainees for details and whatnot, will my red-headedness be an issue? Haha, it's pretty bright, and natural. Thank you!
—Guest Justin


Unless you've done all the BMT for each branch then you shouldn't be talking. Everyone's experience is different. Why belittle a certain branch. You're in it together so you should support one another. Every branch is trained for a specific mission what one lacks the others make up for it. I have family members who have been in each branch and have talked about it without belittle each other. Just because you're a Marine doesn't mean you have the right to go talking trash about the air force because it's training is different. BMT is tough for most people so it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own reason for joining this is suppose to give people who have joined the air force or has thoughts about joining some insight on how basic training might go
—Guest Future Air Force Wife


I just got a call from my son and he was giving me that address. Glad I found this site, because I didn't get the whole address and this article helped me finish it. Thanks for sharing the info.
—Guest New Airman Mom

basic information

Times and dates for graduation...Not a personal manifesto of your daughters
—Guest lisa

Am I too old?

I am 26, married and leaving for BMT in a month. How bad am I going to stick being So "old" and just now going into the AFR?
—Guest scollins0039


I've been putting a lot of thought of going Air Force after my Army contract goes up. Not because I dislike where I'm at, but because I have a family on the way. My MOS is currently 11B Primary and 19D Secondary, I feel I should be able to take care of my family without the worries being KIA and my Grandfather served from WWII till just before Nam. He retired as a Master Sgt. It would do him Proud to see that one of his Grandkids had tried to follow in his steps. All in all.. I'm just looking for advice. Not all Grunts are XXXXX up in the head, mostly just concerned for their family and when the time comes the XXXXX up mentality comes.
—Guest Specialist

Nervous but excited

Just wanted to thank the people who are trying to help. Knowing they do flutter kicks and squat thrusts really helps. I think BMT is completely dependant upon the TI you get. Some will let you have desert while others will scream bloody murder at you for looking at it. I leave in a couple of weeks and am going to try and do my best-even if it seems there is no such thing to my TI :) I will not take the yelling personally and try to do what I am told. I will not gossip, I will try and help the people having trouble instead of ridicule them and hope people try and help me. If one person does wrong the group gets in trouble because we are supposed to be turing into a team and help each other to eventually learn to think not "what am i going to do" but more of "what are we going to do" I have heard horror stories and easy stories but consistantly heard of making friends, overcoming obstacles and a feeling of accomplishment when done. I hope to have that feeling by May 18th also :)
—Guest Angel

Inter-Service Rivalry

I am a former Airman, married to an Airman, and I have two brothers in the Army and one brother who is a really Gung-Ho Marine. OF COURSE Marine Corps recruit training is much more challenging than Air Force Basic, but the GOALS of the services are different. We all kid around with the stereotypes, but when the "stuff" comes down, we are all necessary to secure the freedoms of this country. Ground forces, would you want to be out there on patrol without the promise of air cover? Airmen, would you want to be responsible for close-air support AND getting down and dirty with the enemy? It's a silly conversation. In the end, the services are a family. We might screw around and give each other crap, IN THE FAMILY, but if you're not one of us, shut the heck up. You don't know unless you've been there. God Bless our servicemen and women, our veterans, and our country.
—Guest GeoChk

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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

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