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Readers Respond: Surviving Air Force Basic Training

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Qualification in Basic

1973 Basic training, wetfire only missed 3 rounds. Put in Augumentee Police service but no ribbon citation or medal, just another job. Got to practice M-16 every month though. When did the medals in basic start in the USAF, like I said went in service 1973 and never heard of it. Was it up to the T.I. to apply because on the march back to barracks he made a big deal of my shooting. Remember 1970's, one time had to go to gate with empty M-16 for protest control, that was something else. Welding weapons though empty against U.S. Citizens. Empty M-16's to hi-powered deadly drones. WOW.
—Guest Larry


I leave for basic in one week, and I'm nervous and excited! I kinda wonder if they'll make fun of me for my long blonde hair or anything. Other than that, I've spent several hours reading over things, and I think I can handle it pretty good. I guess I'm just nervous and curious.
—Guest Sydney


My boyfriend has been gone less than a week at BMT, and I want to make sure he has a letter from me for christmas. I don't know if I am going to find out his address before then. Is there anyway I can find out his address?
—Guest trainee'sgf


I 1965 and spent 8 weeks at Lackland. Seems I had some difficulties. Looking back, I can say I enjoyed the time there. I would love to spend a day or two observing basic training now and compare how it is to how it was in 1965. Two things I know that have changed is weapons training and pay. I believe I recieved about two days traning which consisted of how to tear down and reassemble an M1 carbine and the rifle range. As I recall, an E-1 was then paid around $80.00 a month. Then againe everything else is provided. I would do it all over again if allowed. Sadly, 65 years are not allowed. Air Force is the best. Go Air Force.

Finances during bmt

While in bmt will you get paid??...I've been doing some research & want 2 make sure my family is okay???
—Guest vfaulkner


Question, my son just started WOT 5 today. He has not made is minimum sit ups of 42 yet. He's petrified of being recycled. Any suggestions.
—Guest mumzie565

Here we go...

I'm actually sitting in meps now! I am in the Air Force, and will be getting on the bus to head to Lackland in about 3 hours. I'm not so much nervous about BMT itself, I'm more nervous about the unknown. This is such a big change for a 19 year old! Regardless, I'm happy with my decision and look forward to 6 years of serving this great country.
—Guest Bobby light

BMT/Tech School

Just remember that if you can force yourself to do an endless amount of push-ups and sit-ups and squat-thrusts, you'll be fine. The point of their PT (or "getting on your face") is to push your physical limits, because that's the only way to get better. And the same goes for the giant mental game that they play. They yell and scream A LOT, but it's to teach you how to remain calm and composed in a stressful situation. If you commit, you'll come out a better person. Unfortunately I saw a lot of dirtbags graduate in the same flight I did. But they'll learn how to grow up later in their careers, and by then the punishments will be a LOT more severe. Just remember, 8.5 weeks and it's all over. THEN you'll be off to tech school. Depending on where you go and what your job is, you should have a blast. You'll finally have some freedoms back and you'll be learning about your career and having all kinds of fun! If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at dylon.king@us.af.mil

They're all hard

Some people make it through USMC training with little difficulty, and then some make it through AF BMT with little difficulty. Others aren't as lucky and get stuck and find them both to be horrible. Your training EXPERIENCE may be worse, but mine might be just as bad, regardless of branch.
—Guest Michael


Seriously, have you read the entire thread from my original post? Some 'tard decided to claim BMTS was/is equal to recruit training. That is flat out not true. Another 'tard decided to use stereotypes about the Army & Marine Corps but didn't want to be responded to with the stereotype that the Air Force is soft. I've expressed my own admission that we all have different missions which require different skill sets. Each time I do, someone comes back claiming I'm being a hater. I've been thru the toughest basic training the US has to offer. Deny that and prove yourself delusional. I've been thru one of the easier basic trainings the US has to offer. Deny that and prove yourself delusional again. I haven't belittled until someone gets disrespectful. I honor everyone's service, just don't try to make it more than it was. That's disrespecting yourself and your branch.

Getting shots

Has anyone recently graduated from Air Force BMT? What kind of shots do they give you? Is it true they give you a shot in the butt?
—Guest Merc563

SrA's as MTI's...

Now, I'm not trying to put anyone down or overgeneralize here, but I've often wondered over the years since I went to BMT why a Senior Airman (E-4) can be an MTI. The other services require a minimum E-5. My MTI was a SrA and rather low on the maturity curve. Even a lateral promotion to Sgt (which the AF had back then) required more experience than the average SrA has...just something I never figured out.
—Guest Former ANG Comm Puke


I just graduated June 8th 2012, and a lot of things are different since this article was written. I only had to do KP one day, and it's from about 0345-2000. It's actually not bad because the day goes by pretty quick, and you get some dessert. We used our phones for every phone call we made because our TI said patio time as a reward was stupid. The phones didn't work anyway. Also, they are required to give you 15 minutes to call home every week and pass out mail everyday except the weekends and detail days. I don't know about a "push-up minimum." How much they can make you do push-ups, flutter kicks, and squat-thrusts (in that order) depends on the week of training. You do more cycles the further along you are. Everyone was looking forward to the obstacle course until it came. It wasn't hard, but it really sucked. BEAST sucks. Wearing battle rattle all day (from 0430-1600) is just miserable in the summer. The chalk walk was the only thing saving BEAST. You'll see.
—Guest ABLingust


I got to the part about the butterfingers increasing for those last water obstacles during the summer in Texas, and I laughed out loud. I was one of the people who ran the old confidence course in JULY, and got to those last two things to finish, both water. I'd made it over the pool for the Tarzan swing, and the TI told me I could drop. I grinned at him, swung back and dropped into that pretty pool of cold water. It felt sooooooo good in that heat!
—Guest AquariaSW


Does anyone know how much you make during BMT???? Seriously thinking about joining but i need to figure out how much i will be making so I can figure out how much i need to save before i leave my current job!
—Guest Nat

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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

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