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Readers Respond: Air Force Basic Training Graduation

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Have you or a loved one experienced an Air Force Basic Training Graduation? Share your experience.

Thank You Ms Drake

This the most recent account of the Graduation Ceremonies at Lackland & it is very informative. I do have a few questions though. 1. When do you actually know if your recruit has passed all the necessary tests & IS graduation the following week? 2. Do very many NOT make the 1'st attempt? 3. Did you get any kind of PASSES sent to you at home? & If So, "WHEN"? 4. Did you try for "ON BASE" Housing ? 5. I know a "girls" necessities may be different than a "Guys"...But what Items would you suggest having at he motel (other than bandages & snacks)? Thank you & your Daughter again & know that she will be in my prayers.

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