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Readers Respond: Reader shares their experience with Knowledge Operations Management

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From the article: Air Force Enlisted Jobs
Have you ever been assigned to an Air Force Enlisted Job, Knowledge Operations Management? Tell us all about your experience. Share your experiences


Okay so I've had this job for almost two years now and let me just say I should've waited for the job I originally had. From the "additional duties" where higher ups basically give you their work on top of your work, to being bossed around all day, to having to brief those higher ups becuase how they are sending you decorations is incorrect, but since you're just starting out in the military "you don't know what you're talking about".... I've had office jobs before and this has to be the most tasking.. and repetive but don't get use to how you're doing a process for a month becuase it will change in a week. I'm looking forward to cross training whenever that sheet becomes avaliable. Hey some people actually can do this job for 20+ years myself however no I want to get noticed for the work I'm doing and feel like I play a greater part.
—Guest From 3D0 to 3A

My Time

I started out as a 702X0B (Staff Support) back in ’77 then became a 3A0X1. I spent the majority of my time in aircraft maintenance and quickly became burnt out. Yes, the positions I held allowed me to stay on day shift, however, I had so many additional duties which made me feel like I was being dumped on. The countless EPRs and Decorations I processed were tiring to say the least but it seems this is no longer a duty of the new AFSC (I've been out since 1998 so I am unsure). Once I achieved E7, I opted to retire early and try a new trait. The new duties sound quite nice as they will provide you with invaluable computer skills. Unlike the traditional administrator who spent all his/her time typing, filing, etc., these new job skills will be highly beneficial when leaving the Air Force. I would rather be doing “what the new troops are doing” rather than what I went through!

Information Mgt

Hey IMer, I was an Information Manager (702/3A0) too during my whole 8 years on active. I did a 4 year stint with OSI also, really opened my eyes to some of the crazy stuff that goes on in the AF. After that I did 2 with a Supply/Logistics Squadron and then 2 with a CE sqaudron mostly records mgmt and awards & decs type stuff. I then got out and went reserve, had to reclass to Paralegal cause there were no IM slots available and the closest one was 3 hours away. You are on point when you say "This career field can work almost anywhere, that is the beauty of it." 100% true. I miss truly miss the career field. IMHO one of the best in the AF.
—Guest Former IMer

Knowledge Ops

I've had this job for over 2.5 years now and there isn't much to it. It is an office job where you focus mostly on additional duties with a side of records management and sharepoint management. Most of the work day is filled with down time, though it varies slightly from base to base it is generally the same. The 3D0X1 career field is splitting into another career field that will be titled admin and I've been hearing that will merge with the ''postal' special duty. The job isn't that bad, but it doesn't serve much use on the outside and is not entertaining. Thanks to the down time you can focus on school to keep yourself busy and get ahead on educational goals. The job does not change much as you climb the ranks from what I've seen and I'll be retraining into another career field to get more out of my time in the military.'
—Guest 3D0X1 Guy

To "heyits_idk"

If you don't want this job for October 2013 ask your recruiter if you can give this up to someone in Ohio. My number is 216 316 1211 I am trying to leave in sept or oct!!
—Guest I'll take your job


I'm doing research on this job because this is what my recruiter is trying to get me to do. I'm kind of iffy just because I planned to do a lot more but it doesn't sound too bad I guess. And I can always change my MOS?
—Guest Samantha

not helping

im leaving for basic in october and this is the job i was assigned to...ive worked in an office before and i hated it! so all these responces are saying its bassicaly a long day office job -_- thats not really motivational so idk if i should give away 6 years of my life doing something i hate
—Guest Heyits_idk


If you choose this job you will really hate it. People will bully you around and treat you like a nobody. You will not progress in this career field and you will be at a stand still your whole 20+ years.
—Guest 3D0


I would just like to say that this career field is something else. Only field I see where they throw 15 different things at you not in your AFSC. Also when do you have to be a commanders sec?? Not in our CFETP...I just think its wrong to throw all those things at you when other career fields do their job. I would not recommend this career field to anyone.
—Guest YAY3D

This used to be called Information Mgt

Hello all, I was an Information Manager for a little over 20+ years (now a Knowledge Operations Manager) and absolutely loved it (most of the time). I worked in OSI for 6 years as the Admin so you can do special duty assignments as well. I also processed the Afghans onto the base using the eye scanning equipment while deployed to Kandahar. I worked with the Army on two deployments. This career field can work almost anywhere, that is the beauty of it. I also worked for a Training detachment as a special duty. My best job of all was working for the Command Chief as his executive assistant. Yes, as one of the posters said here, Records Mgt is a core job, you will learn all there is to know about ERM and files. Use your downtime to study for rank and classes. Most supervisors don't mind cuz they are doing the same thing. Most are one deep slots so you have to be very self-motivated. Good luck to the future KOMs of the Air Force. Its all what you make of it so have a positive attitude!
—Guest IMer

Knowledge OPs

Thanks for all of your inputs on this career field. I just applied for a ART position doing this full time and I wanted to get some ideas of what the job entails.

KOM to the feast

Guest KOM Troop is 100% correctomondo! I used the "boring" days to study and pass my Certified Information Systems Security Professional test (took 2 tries @ $550 a pop, but well worth it). I'll exit gracefully next year with extremely good prospects of landing an Information Assurance Officer position in metro DC at $90k/year.
—Guest Guest KOM-2-IAO

Knowledge OPs

What you'll do in this AFSC will vary from base to base and even unit to unit. Our clearest function is Records Management. If you work at a higher level, such as the Wing or Group, you'll be tasked with a lot of additional duties outside of the career field. You will for sure have slow, boring days but that provides you with time to take college courses. The job is what you make of it
—Guest KOM Troop


if you like to work in an office with good hours and are some of a computer geek then you'll have no problem sitting all day bored with not much to do. some units will be more busy than others but mostly its a pretty slow job for new airman. not much gratification of your work either. your not gonna be too proud of what you do. this is why they say chair force.
—Guest airman l

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