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Readers Respond: Experiences in 4A2X1 - BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT

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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC?

Biomed Tech.

Army trained, not AF, at Fitzsimons AMC, '65, '68, AA degree Colo Elec Tech College, now Colo Tech U. AAMI certified. Was instructor at the school '70-'73. Worked the field 'til Army retirement 1982 then Civil Service , GS-11 until 2005. My opinion.....the most rewarding career field, direct civilian equivalent positions. Army Med Dept says "Conserving the Fighting Strength". Loved my work. My only regret - I wasted my first 7 years in Air Defense 'cause I didn't know about the school 'til my assignment at Thule AB, Greenland . Go for it !
—Guest Ron Gelinas

RE Tech School

Are there any BMET Tech. Schools in the San Antonio Area?? civilian schools.
—Guest John


I have been a BMET for 28yrs! GREAT JOB...get your certification
—Guest Mike

Biomedical Equipment

I just got my associate degree in Medical Electronics Eng. And I'm interesting in Air force so I need information about how to apply in air force. Please let me know I will be appreciate for your help sir. Thank you
—Guest Sohal Barua

Tech School

Tech School, as I understand it, is no longer held at Sheppard AFB. Tech school is now being held at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio Texas. Roughly 30 Minutes from Lackland AFB. It is an Army Base, Funded by the Air Force, ran by the Navy, and Utilized by all Branches of Military including Marines and Coast Guard.
—Guest John


An excellent occupation both in the service and after returning to civilian status. Get your AA while in the service. Get certified as a BMET. This is a lifetime career with great growth potential anywhere in the world.
—Guest Paul

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