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Readers Respond: Experiences in 2T2X1 - AIR TRANSPORTATION

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Grateful for this AFSC (Port Dawgs)

I loved my Job. My class was the last 605 class before the changed the AFSC to 2T2. Being in the APS then the AMS was an amazing expierence. First in last out is the life we lived. I was stationed on McGuire. I loved every minute of in. Lazy people that don't like work and brotherhood dont like this AFSC. Even though I didnt chose and could have gone to just about anyone I am grateful for thisone. It took me around the world 2 times. met some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. This is a greatbrotherhood to be in. Know your importance and how much you carry on your shoulders. Be happy to serve the people back home. Knowing you are a direct cause they get to sleep in and feel safe.
—Guest BigPun

Don`t do it

Long hours, 270 days per year tdy, no leave, incompetent air guard and reserve helpers at least while I was active. No perks, lots of deployments, I had 9 combat deployments, and bad attitude aircrew always making life even more miserable in hell. When it is all over the VA comes along to make it worse. DidiI mention having to ship my coworkers home in transfer cases? It happens.
—Guest oldrigger

Questions about the reserve side...

Hi, everyone. I talked to an AF Reserve Recruiter not long ago and this is the job that I was sort of aimed towards. It appealed to me due to the short tech school time and it's ability to easily transfer into the civilian world... And while I'm hearing a lot of negative stuff about this AFSC coming from the active side, is it equally as awful on the reserve side? Does anyone have any insight into this view they might not mind sharing? Thanks.
—Guest hmb2013


this is more like port rats, if you want long hours, many vacation denials, no promotion potential, and no bonuses... but I guess you can be a monk after this job and figure the shittiest job there is... you will appreciate any other job out there after this one for sure! ex 2T2 4yrs then resigned
—Guest Paul

Pic another job

Unless your colorblind, not a US citizen or can't test well don't pick this job. Most ppl who are saying they like it retired before 2001. There are plenty of jobs out there. Most jobs easy to get into or the reciter pushes you tward most likely means airman get out after 4 years. So many other great jobs. Don't go suck shit, handle dirty ass net sets and get deployed every 15 months. Wish I would have went to college.
—Guest Hate

the benefits...

The pure benefits of this career fiald are Load Planning, Special Handling, and Aerial Delivery.
—Guest 34yearPorter

AF runs on 2T2's

Unappreciated, long hours, no recognition, this all comes with the job. You either love it or hate it, your call. Don't go into this career field if you are lazy, you'll just slow other down. If you have a passion to serve, want to do something meaningfully but are selfless, then this is the job for you.
—Guest Blank

AF runs on 2T2's

Unappreciated, long hours, no recognition, this all comes with the job. You either love it or hate it, your call. Don't go into this career field if you are lazy, you'll just slow other down. If you have a passion to serve, want to do something meaningfully but are selfless, then this is the job for you.
—Guest Blank

0481 to this job???

Was an 0481 in the Corps and this site says this job is the most relevant? Thinking about joining the air guard just for something to do and keep my foot in the military door. Did 2 deployment to the stan but never worked fixed wing aircraft just internal and sling loads at small LZs at FOBs and PBs. Is this job really as shitty as these cats make it out to be? I've ate nothing but MREs for 2 years done the 12 on 12 off thing I guess you could call it and was stationed at camp lejeune lol are they just whining or does it's suck that bad? Somebody let me know and not some whiny ass kid please, I'd like to hear from somebody a lil salty with a real opinion.
—Guest Dirty dale

Cool for about 2 weeks...

Other than being a cop, it's literally the worst job you can do in the Air Force. Mainly because it's just too important and always needed yet underappreciated. We are the only people in the Air Force who work such long hours who doesn't get a bonus. This job is the reason most bases exist, but we are just piss-ons to everyone else. We often have the most medical problems and accidents, and after Special Forces...the job with the most deaths. There are no incentives to doing this job. Not all 2T2 assignments are bad though. About a third would be considered good. The only motivation you have is that one day you may leave your bad assignment for something better. Roughly 90 percent of all 2T2s are trying to get another assignment because they can't stand where they are at. Also, you won't find another career field in the Air Force with a higher percentage of people that leave the military after 1 enlistment or palace chase and get out as soon as they can.
—Guest 2T2 TSgt

Fisrt in last out

There is an honorable side to the 2T2 career field, however it's not all roses. We work to get the job done when others fail or give up. It's in our blood to also do other people's jobs to get the mission done no matter what. We are port dawgs. The job can get repetitive loading planes day in and day out, but it can be fun. We load cargo and passengers, but we are not aircrew. The aircrew are basically watching us load the plane to ensure safety, even though we are also doing that as well.
—Guest JoJo

Port Dawgs

It's not a bad gig. Even better than an AMS or an APS, try getting into a Contingency Response Wing (CRW). Mobility, now that's where it's at. I was even in the old AMOG/TALCE. Travelling, Deploying, steadily moving--making $$$ DO IT!!
—Guest P Dubb


I know that the tech school is in VA but are we certain it is for 39 days?
—Guest DZL

It's not all bad

If you're in tech school or considering the job here are some things to know: some of the places you work at will suck...at first. but this is where you learn the job..then learn how to poise yourself for selection to special units, assignments and special duties. Bust your ass and be a dependable 2T2 and your options are open. If you want to sit around and get paid to do nothing or go to the gym..go elsewhere. This job isn't for you.
—Guest Joe

Not a bad job if you like being outside

I was a 2T2 for 7 years, the job isn't bad if you're looking for grunt work. Sometimes you're in the office but a good chunk of the time is spent bustin your butt outside. If you're lazy pick a different job. The cool thing about this job is that you have the potential to go TDY to other duty stations for inspections and to help them out which lets you see a lot more places than just where you're stationed. Just like anything in the military your experience may vary depending on your base and your chain of command. A bad chain of command can sour any experience. This job deploys ALOT so if you want to see the desert this is the job for you.
—Guest 2T2 for life

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Experiences in 2T2X1 - AIR TRANSPORTATION

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