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Readers Respond: Experiences in 2T2X1 - AIR TRANSPORTATION

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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC?

It's Not for Everyone

I have been in this career field for about 18 months now. I am not going to lie, this job will test you and your patience and push you to your limits. Just because it can have very stressful and not so rewarding days. It is a job that is not glorified. That simple. Our job is divided into roughly 3 areas, ramp, cargo, and passenger services. In your career, if you decide to tough it out, you will go through a menagerie of different experiences. You will go from checking in passengers for a flight and making sure crews and passengers get their little box lunches and ear plugs on the aircraft, sucking the blue juice and everything that comes with it out of the aircraft, pushing pallets, building pallets, and ensuring that everything gets done before the aircraft needs to block out before moving on to the next one. True, a lot of the bases aren't the best, but it is what you make of it! Go in with an open mind and positive attitude, it isn't all that bad.
—Guest Cole

Air Transportation

I enjoyed my time in uniform and as a Port Dawg. I was afforded some good assignments while in and worked with some awesome troops. I built, pushed & tied down more than my fair share of cargo and baggage pallets but, also enjoyed the lighter side of passenger service. Don't get me wrong passenger service was not a cake walk but, it was fun hearing stories of travelers and getting Troops, Their Family and our Veterans to and from their destinations. I even got a special duty assignment for busting my butt and doing the job right. So, there are perks but, hard work too. If you are a slacker it's not for you. You'll hate it and likely want to change careers or get out. I miss doing this job and working with some of the hardest working non-combat troops in the military. Unless things have changed that drastically then I say go for it and be a Port Dawg. You'll learn a lot as there is variety along with routine in this job and as long as you bust your butt, there are rewards!
—Guest Port Dawg 92

Grateful for this AFSC (Port Dawgs)

I loved my Job. My class was the last 605 class before the changed the AFSC to 2T2. Being in the APS then the AMS was an amazing expierence. First in last out is the life we lived. I was stationed on McGuire. I loved every minute of in. Lazy people that don't like work and brotherhood dont like this AFSC. Even though I didnt chose and could have gone to just about anyone I am grateful for thisone. It took me around the world 2 times. met some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. This is a greatbrotherhood to be in. Know your importance and how much you carry on your shoulders. Be happy to serve the people back home. Knowing you are a direct cause they get to sleep in and feel safe.
—Guest BigPun

Don`t do it

Long hours, 270 days per year tdy, no leave, incompetent air guard and reserve helpers at least while I was active. No perks, lots of deployments, I had 9 combat deployments, and bad attitude aircrew always making life even more miserable in hell. When it is all over the VA comes along to make it worse. DidiI mention having to ship my coworkers home in transfer cases? It happens.
—Guest oldrigger

Questions about the reserve side...

Hi, everyone. I talked to an AF Reserve Recruiter not long ago and this is the job that I was sort of aimed towards. It appealed to me due to the short tech school time and it's ability to easily transfer into the civilian world... And while I'm hearing a lot of negative stuff about this AFSC coming from the active side, is it equally as awful on the reserve side? Does anyone have any insight into this view they might not mind sharing? Thanks.
—Guest hmb2013

Just signed on

I signed on last week and this is my job. Sounds pretty decent to me! I leave for basic in January hopefully. I'm excited and I think I made the right choice with it.
—Guest R


Absolutely loved this career field. I retired in 2000 after 20+ good years. Heck, there were times I would have paid the Air Force to let me do the things they let me do. To be in parts of the world, seeing tourists who were paying thousands of dollars to be there...but being paid to be there...wow! From Super Port to MAPS/CMB, to Logair and back around again, there wasn't a job I didn't like. For those of you complaining about the job, and disrespecting those who liked the job, find something better...if you can. After retirement, I took a different career path, because I knew the civilian counterpart to a 605/2T2 wouldn't even be able to compare.
—Guest KC


i love it. im only 18 and so far what ive done is amazing. dont listen to those who hate it. it can suck at me points but its very rewarding. its all what you make it to be
—Guest abc


Loved the Job - did not select it when I first enlisted in '87 but fell in love with it; especially after serving in 8th MAPS, Clark Air Base Philippines, after that stayed in mobile aerial ports deployed 260 days a year around the world for the last 6 years of a 10 year active career-if not for young children at the time would have stayed for 20. After leaving Active Duty continued to do it in the Reserves until I hit 22 years total then transferred to the Navy Reserves to be a Supply Corps Officer (where I continue to serve). Our motto in the MAPS "Work Hard/Play Harder" This job helped me see the world in more ways than 1 - will always be a "Port Dawg" and proud of it - best memories of my military career!!!
—Guest Charles


Coming from a guy who's been in various AFSC's, this being my last, I have to say exactly what everyone else has said, "It's what you make of it". I've went from being a Morse Op (now called 1N2) to Knowledge Ops (now called 3D0x1) to back to back special duties FTX MTI and Unit Training Manager and now 2T2. Other than working with the new trainees at Lackland, this gives me the most job satisfaction at the end of the day. Even though we're out more than we seem home, I wouldn't change it for the world. I've been all over the place and have gained friends from each location, that's what it's about for me. When I retrained in, I was at Andrews AFB, then up to McGuire, and we were on a heavy rotation there! Then I went to Spangdahlem AB, Ger. over to Yokota AB, now back in the states and ready to hang up the boots and call it a career here at Eglin. Wish I could make another run at Chief, but these old knees have had it and the wife said it's time to bring it on in. Signing off.. SMSgt
—Guest Raptor

Don't Hate

When is the last time you retired 2T2's worked fleet service? I'm sure being NCOIC working banker hours (except during deployment) left you with a big smile on your face. Hindsight is 20/20 and if you are out working thirteen hours days doing LST I'm sure you wouldnt have the best opinion either. 2T2: Work the longest hours of almost any career field for the same amount of money. Most job sections are rewarding and the travel is very good. Lots of variety in the job. You get out of it what you put in. If you are smart and a hard worker you can go far very easily. Deploy like crazy. Expect to be gone a lot. If you don't want to work long hours or if you want to sit behind a desk pick another career field.
—Guest DJ

2T2 / 605all the way

Speaking from the reserve side. I spent 29.5 years as a 605 /2T2. It is not the most glorious job in the Air Force , but everyone can't be a fighter pilot . Long hours, during deployments. Heartbreaking when escorting fallen comrades in arms, their spouses and the worst of all their children in a small military casket to the awaiting aircraft. If it weren't for the 2T2 (605) career field no one down range would get the guns, bullets, and bombs needed to fight our wars and keep piece, sustain the commissaries, exchanges, and yes even Pop Eyes. Stationed from Germany to Okinawa, Alaska to the Mideast 2T2 s are the FORCE BEHIND the FORCE.
—Guest SMSgt


I'm facing a possible med board and am looking for jobs back home that would relate to my experiences as a 2T2. I'm having one hell of a time trying to use key words that a search engine will recognize, so far HAZMAT Preparer, Joint Inspector, and Air Transportation are a flop. Anyone have any suggestions?
—Guest That Guy

Soon to be 2T2

I've been selected to retrain into this career(not by choice). I'll be going to tech school September 11 and was wondering a lot about it. What are bases to avoid? Bases to aim for? Which bases are even available to choose from? Typical hours? Etc. I've been searching everyday online and everday I see something new so it'd be nice to get a clear view overall. I still don't know where I'll be stationed but when I do I'd like to find out more about that base specifically as well since I know they all vary. Ultimately, like ANY job (especially in the AF), it's pretty much what you make of it. I look forward to it personally
—Guest Retrain2T2


This career field is like any other. You get out of it what you put into it. I spent 211/2 yrs in this career field and enjoyed working all the different aspects of the job. I travelled to places I would never have dreamed of going to. The work can be hard and usually long hours but was always rewarding as others are depending on you to get the right equipment to them at the right time and location to help save their lives in combat
—Guest Chip

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