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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC?

missile systems analyst

100 hour weeks standard, not work if weather below 55 below zero
—Guest richard grasby


This AFSC has two seperate systems it works with, Cruise Missiles and ICBMs. The most common bases are Barkesdale AFB, LA and Minot AFB, ND for Cruise missiles and Minot AFB, ND, FE Warren, WY, Malmstrom AFB, MT for ICBMs. If you are lucky you could be one of the few who go to Whiteman AFB, MO or Vandenberg, CA but don't count on it. All other assignments listed here either don't exist anymore or are a single manned position and someone will either die or retire before that slot opens up. This job has an extremely low possibility for deployment. Occasionally there are volunteer opportunities but they are rare. I do not reccomend this AFSC for anyone who enjoys seeing their family or having any kind of personnal time. Most days are at least 12 hours if not more and weekends are never a guarantee.
—Guest Guest


Join if you DO NOT want to get deployed. Travelling long distances to missile sites in order to troubleshot/repair missile components in missile silo/capsule. Only possible assignments are in WY,ND,MO with possibilities of instructor duties in Vandenberg AFB or Cape Canaveral but spots are extremely limited. Shredouts in ICBM are EMT(electro-mechanical technicians) FMT (facilities maintenance technicians) or MMT (missile maintenance technicians) Job entails 16 hour timeline on work with usually one day on and one day off. A lot of driving involved in all weather conditions. Missiles are a very small community in the AF and is possibly the only non deployable function of the AF, however volunteer opportunities are possible. Top secret clearance required for EMT and MMT. Perfect AFCS for persons wishing not to be deployed and want to live within the 3 states offered.
—Guest John

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