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Readers Respond: Experiences in 2A7X1 - AIRCRAFT METALS TECHNOLOGY

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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC?

Aircraft Metals Technology(AMT)

I explain AMT to most people in that it is like OCC. You can make anything. There will be a different work environment at every single base, some faster paced than others. Some people can deal with the little things you have to put up with being in the military, and some can't. AMT is one of the best jobs in the AF.
—Guest SSgt Coquat

what expect when you come out tech schoo

You just end being the flight line bitch, stuck screws are pretty. When your not pulling stuck screws that you end welding aerospace ground equipment.. After a while, you get to aircraft work. Depending on the base. Heavies you don't really do much, stuck screws and brackets. A-10 you be making bushings for your bushing (bushing bitch) AWACS- JUST STUCK SCREWS CAKE
—Guest Mr. Obvious

Aircraft Metals Technology

I'm an AMT Craftsman with 14 years experience. This career field is fast paced and constantly evolving. Much of what we do now is technology driven. We use computers extensively to design & model parts. Much of our equipment is CNC (computer controlled). We manufacture in the third and in some cases, fourth axis. To stay proficient in this rapidly changing environment requires a personal commitment to continuing education. An understanding of geometry and trigonometry is a must to be successful. Yes, the software takes the sting out of the calculations but you still have to understand the data going in and out. No job is good days every day. In this job, on a good day you could design and manufacture a component that saves the Air Force tens of thousands of dollars. Often, your success, is the difference between flying a mission or not. I like the job because I like being challenged. I like being able to figure out why something failed and making it better than before.
—Guest Sgt Willis

Acft Metals Tech

I've been doing this for 7 yrs, and I'll tell you that this isn't a glamourous job by any means, but you'll learn several trades that can carry you far in the civilian world (if that's what you're looking for and dedicated enough to work your a$$ off). TDY/Deployment rates vary with bases, but it can be anywhere from 90-180, with some actually just a few weeks long. All in all its a great job if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and being very creative at the same time, since half your job consists of making/re-making aircraft parts, and the other half is fixing other people's screw ups. But since the job splits into machining and welding, you get to find and grow your niche where you feel most qualified. Best of luck. I hope this helps a bit.
—Guest Alex

Base Location

The real course is more like 22 weeks long. Block1=general safety Block2= oxy acetylene with brazing Block3=mig welding block4=arc welding block5=math block 6=measuring device and blueprints block7=lathe (five weeks) block8=mill block 9=tig welding for welding test you must have 2 out 3 good welds.
—Guest Nathiel

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