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Readers Respond: Experiences in 1P0X1 - Aircrew Equipment

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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC? Share Your Experience

Do you guys fly

I'm currently an SF troop and looking to retrain into another career field where I still get to carry a weapon, however, the AF has limited options for females. All of that is irrelevant to my actual question. Is this the career field where you actually get to fly around with your a/c? Or do you guys just do inspections before and after take off?
—Guest B

So many comments

I read all of the comments and I'm personally horrified by the lack of respect most have had. As a Superintendent it's my duty to educate and correct where I see an injustice...and there have been pleny in this conversation. First impressions are lasting...I hope that my comments are the first to be read and not the others. 1. Lead by example. 2. Take care of those that can't take care of themselves. 3. Don't have others do what you won't. 4. RESPECT. The voices of a few are not the same of the many. Collectively, we are AFE!! The Last To Let You Down!! I'm probably the best Stitch Bitch you've ever seen...and You can wipe the spit out my mask any day! :)
—Guest Zoomie!!


Ive hated this job since the first day of tech school its very repetitive and stupid boring the pilots should have to inspect there on shit i should've joined the army.
—Guest AFE

Wrong ASVAB Score

The ASVAB score for Aircrew Flight Equipment is M-40. As of 31 July 2013
—Guest joeycool

Response Title

This job is not for everyone. if you joined looking for a challenge or training for a job on the outside, it's def not for you. However, if you want a pay check and just coast for 20 yrs and retire this is perfect. (if you can stand the repetition) I personally hate the job, it can easily done by high school kids who need a part time job. I'm taking advantage of my situation and using my time here to complete my degree. I'd agree with anyone who says where you are stationed will make or break it for you... being stuck at one base for 6 years pretty much broke me. I might have a differen't view on the job if I were to experience working in in/with a differen't air frame.
—Guest Mr. Clean


What score do you need to become in this position? (Aircrew equpiment)
—Guest Junior

Getting out

The job really isn't all that bad. It's very easy but boring. It all depends on the people or what base you get stationed at. The base can make or break you. My first station ruined it for me. I've been working this job for two years and all I hear about is old NCO's complaining about the merger or "the glory days" It makes it hard to like your new job when all you hear is complaining from your leadership. Negativity is contagious. I'm looking for anyway to get out right now.
—Guest AFE

Stop complaining and do your job!

Too many complainers. Your in the Air Force we have it made. If you don't like this job then take your high school diploma and get a job flipping burgers.
—Guest Really?


This is the job for you! IF..you like getting screwed, working with a bunch of idiots and negative people. This is a good starting point for a career airman. This career field has the lowest score requirement in the USAF to make rank. What this means is that if you didn't make staff sergeant the first time testing you are an idiot. There are lots of idiots out there, some that take 8 years to make e-5. What a joke.
—Guest Ha

Eats their own

It is very true that life supporters eat there own. You have SNCOs who do nothing but make life terrible for their Airmen. There is a reason that the two SNCOs (TW) (RH)in my flight are both divorced and have produced a terrible working environment. Simply put they suck as people but mostly as leaders. They do a terrible job fighting for their people and only look out for themselves. The air force did a terrible job merging the two career fields. they took out the 1Ts from the flying squadrons which made some upset and took out the maintenance folks from their way of life. They should have left it as is. The point I'm making is that this job can be great but depends on your leadership. It is true that this is a monkeys job, in the fighter world the old school fighter pilots love us. The new ones could care less. In the heavy world the aircrews could care less about us. There is a lot of BS with this job i.e. UCIs, ORIs, TCTOs. It is time to get out of this career field. Off to Intel
—Guest time to go

Good with the bad I guess...

I had about 6 months in SE prior to the merge and it was one of the greatest experiences I have known. We had the work hard play hard attitude and we would finish the work early and take care of our people in the shop. Once the merger took full swing, everything went to shit. Excuse my French before, but the whiny undisciplined 1T's have nothing better to do than to eat their own. There's nothing worse than walking into a shop you feel unwelcome in. I have come to terms with the fact there is nothing to make this job enjoyable considering it takes a retarded monkey who can pass the ASVAB which requires scores lower than that of Security Forces. I'm sorry, but nobody in this career is deserving of that "I save lives everyday" ego because at the end of the day, we are a car wash shop to make pilots feel better about the equipment they never wear once they are in flight. Congrats on making yourselves feeling important in one of the lowest qualified jobs ever.
—Guest Soon to be Weather

old school 52230A

4 great years,2 in puerto rico 2 rapid city SAC AF all the way 8th AF would do it all again

personal equipment P.E.

old school here 1960-1964 2 years at Ramey AFB Puerto Rico base, 2 years at Ellisworth AFB S.Dakota small shop, close to bomber and tanker crews great 4 years
—Guest bill calhoun

In tech training...

I am in tech school for this career right now and i graduate this thursday (May 3, 2012) i already love this job.
—Guest jdg89

1971 -1992 That Others May Live HQ ARS

I am proud to say that I was one of the life supporters from (History now) the past. When I entered the career field I was stationed at Castle AFB, we came under Supply working with individual equipment. Then it was personal equipment, and eventually Aircrew Life Support. As some of the folks who have posted comments infer, we did enjoy a certain closeness with the crews who flew. We had more than just "wipe and clean helmets, loading and unloading A/c, providing training like survival, ejection seats, parachuting, water - desert - artic - and mountain survival, we had a full plate then. I can only imagine the changes that are in place now. I was glad to fly with all the aircraft we serviced along with the crews we worked with. I am still proud of our contributions to the field, mine included the HEEDS Bottle and NVG's in the AF Cockpit to name a couple. From Viet Nam to Desert Storm I was able to see many changes, I hope to see more positive changes in the future too.
—Guest Richard Cranium aka Andre Leamons

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Experiences in 1P0X1 - Aircrew Equipment

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