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Readers Respond: Experiences in 1A2X1 - AIRCRAFT LOADMASTER

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Cross training

I'm currently a pmel tech and just became eligible to cross train wanted some info on loadmaster job description. Any info would be great! Marullonick@yahoo.com
—Guest Marullo

I want to be an A/C LOADMASTER

Ive been doing a whole lot of research on jobs in the AF and i have decided that this is the way that i want to go. I want to travel and see the world and all the different cultures around the world. I'm 18, single and wanting an adventure. Is there anything else that I should know before going selecting this field? After 4 years should I sign another or go into officer school? Should I cross-train into another field? Please contact me I will accept all and any information from former A/C LOADMASTERS! Contact @ norrisgoodejr@gmail.com
—Guest Norris Goode

Loadmaster in Europan

Hi İ want to learn about is there any rules About aircraftloadmasters in FAA or somewhere. Because my company wants to fire all airloadmasters. And continiue with grounloadmasters. We have A310,A 330 F planes. And our oparations to asia,europa,middleeast Olso we carry Dgr always.. Please help me somebody
—Guest Gidavcak


Hi my names sahin İm a aircraft load master in turkei İ want to know do you have aircraftloadmaster or groundloadmaster in your cargo operations, Because my company thinks rent a ground loadmaster for europan flights. We have A310&A-330 cargo aircrafts And we carrying dgr on maindeck(E class maindeck) Now if you help me What is your condititons for loadmasters, Your Which operations with aircraftloadmaster, which ones is with ground loadmaster? What is their priceses? Wich ones is economic? For example we have every nights İst-Fra cargo flights, Thanks for helps Zbn.y
—Guest Gidavcak

SERE training

Do loadmasters go through the 17 day training in WA and P.O.W. camp?
—Guest Ryan

C-130 loadmaster instructor

Dear sir, I have served for 26 years in Pakistan Air Force on various technical, flying,instructional and supervisory assignments. protocol and administrative duties,assistant manager air/ground cargo handling. Ramp/security officer duties. Handling of dangerous cargo/ammunition. Sir, as a C-130 loadmaster with category "A" I have flown 4100 flying hours in route flying,operational,tactical & training which includes para drop,para trooping,low level tactical,logistics,search & rescue and Aero medical evacuation missions and security loadmaster duties on C-130 aircraft. Handling and installation of tactical equipment on C-130 a/c.Handling/operation of VVIP and VIP passenger flights and cargo flights on C-130 aircraft. Dear sir,I have flew in Europe,America,Middle East,Aisa.
—Guest mehmood pervez

height requirements

I applied to cross-train out of my current AFSC and loadmaster is one of the five that i'm eligible to cross-train to. I'm just wondering is height going to be a problem because I'm only 5'3" and from my research I've read that they require a minimum of 64" and up in order to be admitted to the AFCS, anyone have insights on this? thanks.
—Guest AF Sgt

Loadmster Assignments

Hello, i just recently got picked up for re-training, currently waiting for a class seat and i was wondering how are assigments for aroframe or even bases handled? do you get to pick at one point during training or is it pretty muc hwere the air force needs you? thanks! Ryan
—Guest Otero

aircraft load master

i want to join U.S. Military as an aircraft load master.I have more than 20 years work experience for Ethiopian Airlines on various freighters such as C130 ,707, I757F,MD11F. I have also served the company as load controller,ramp coordinator, senior customer service agent,compliant resolution & customer service officer.
—Guest wudneh Abdissa

Overseas Japan/Korea 1970's LM checklist

I am looking to see if anyone might have Load Master checklist or personal memory of flights from early 1970's. My brother was in AirForce reserves as LM -flying to/from McChord AFB to Japan/Korea/Vietnam... FROM Oversea's - after CARGO properly loaded, he had to spray 2 cans of DDT/Chemical in cargo bay prior to take-off, to prevent bugs/spiders from entering USA. ...... He developed Parkinson's from the chemical exposure (early 70's they had no masks/breathing equip & DDT was not banned until mid 70's). Military will approve Parkinson's claim -but he needs proof that his job exposed him to chemicals -so any assistance as his sister would be appreicated as he is 100% disabled. Jlarsonhaw@aol.com
—Guest j larson

C-130 Loadmaster

I'm a C-130 Loadmaster for 28+ years. Stationed at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I anyone is interested in training to be a loadmaster on Herks, give me a shout. I'm at 719-963-5319 or james.riley@peterson.af.mil Peterson is a great assignmnet to be a load. I have been here for over 20 years and absolutely love it. Cheers. CMSgt James Riley 731 Airlift Sq
—Guest Spike


I was a loadmaster for over 20 years on the C-141A/B.Spent 18 years at Norton AFB,CA and nearly3 years at Scott AFB,CA. Had flown with outstanding people. Miss the folks and the flying.
—Guest Bob Humphress

A few questions

I'm enlisting in a few months and from everything I've read and been told by loadmasters this is the only job I want.. I'm a little concerned about the initial training and the requirementd. Csn anyone give me more info on this
—Guest Ashley

Tech School

So far I just made it to air crew fundamentals. I don't know how the job is but I see a lot of NCO's cross train to it. try to get on a C-17 everyone likes that plane. and so far the classes arn't bad but make sure you study and not goof off at Tech School.
—Guest A1C Scott

There is so much training not listed

You will have 2 weeks at Lackland for fundamentals and 4 weeks for basic loadmaster (blm) course also. Then SERE. Then you will have either 2 months for c-5s, 3-5 months for c-17, and 5-8 months for c-130 that they don't tell you on here. But you will get your stripes and wings after BLM at Lackland.
—Guest Justin

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Experiences in 1A2X1 - AIRCRAFT LOADMASTER

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