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Readers Respond: Experiences in 1A1X1 - FLIGHT ENGINEER

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Do you have experience in this Air Force enlisted AFSC?

A few answers

First, shifts depend on your airframe. C-5 engineers can work 24 hours shifts, while C-130 eng's will work up to 16 hours. Second, they are still VERY resistant at taking brand new airmen as flight engineers since they are still learning new things about the air force while learning to be an engineer. That being said, someone trying to crosstrain to be an engineer shouldn't have many problems I came from a non-MX background and still got picked up (I LOVE it). Finally, engineers are going the way of the DoDo. You really have to be dedicated if you want to be one. If you want to see the world, become a C-17/C-130J Loadmaster (neither of those airframes have FE's btw). If you want a rewarding and extremely challenging job, become an engineer.
—Guest Whiskey Eng

Re: Research

Supply can't even get us the right parts that we need...
—Guest Supply Can't Roll With The Big Dogs

just got approved to put in application

Shayne if it is at all possible i would love to talk to you or find you on global to talk to you about the career.
—Guest advancedjosh A1C

I work with FE's

I work with FE's(flight engineer) every day. On the c130, they are the 1st one to the plane, usally 2 hours prior to luanch and do pre flight inspections. During flight they moniter all engine and electrical componants of the acft. You must know all engine limitations and emergancy procedures. It can get pretty boring from what im told, especially on c130s and c17s during long flights. I am also interested in this carreer. I am really hoping to crosstrain soon. Being a c130 engine mechanic i alread know alot about engine limits and operation. I am already qualified to start and run engines, and FE's done even do that! I would, however, much rather be on a HH-60 helicopter. They do alot more combat related missions. If anyone has any other questions, please ask!
—Guest SrA C130 mechanic

Flight Engineer

I was just interested in finding out more about this job. I am retraining soon and wanted a little more information than what this website can tell me. Thanks
—Guest SSgt

I was a Flight Engineer

If you want any information or guidance please let me know. Shayne


i would like an answer to this question as well. im going into basic without knowing what my job will be, but it will be in the mech area. I'm having trouble on picking a few of these for potential afsc's and would like some insight.
—Guest a1c


Looking into cross-training into something more challanging. Currently I am in the supply career field & have little knowledge of flight engineering concepts; however I am eager to learn. What is a typical "shift" like in this job?
—Guest figufe

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