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Readers Respond: Air Force Enlistment Bonus

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What do you think of the Air Force Enlistment Bonus? Would this bonus have an effect on your choice of enlisting in the Air Force?


Make sure you stay on Personnel about this when you get to your first duty station. Your IEB is not paid automatically - you have to submit copies of your graduation certificate(s) in order to process it. They WILL manage to lose your paperwork, possibly more than once. Also: initial enlistment bonus for ground crypto linguists is usually around $11k, which works out to ~$8500 after taxes.
—Guest Air Man


Stan,I agree with your pnotis about the population supporting an insurrection. Of course, that level of support does not need to be high. Things haven't changed much since the American Revolution in that regards. 3% of the population was all that was under arms at the time, right?That balancing act isn't being accomplished by our enemies or at least our foreign enemies.The resources are there, the government is just spending them on other issues. Like bailing our every industry in the country that votes democratic or trying to pass health care reform that isn't and isn't wanted by most of the people in the country.Do you think that we could have the resources to counter Iran or China if half our spending wasn't going to entitlements?
—Guest PAAvLnIAwnmOHPxUdKH


thanks for the information it really helped though im only eleven so i cant join yet
—Guest sam

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