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Readers Respond: Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences


Where can I get a recent map of the base? I need to find the tricare office.
—Guest R Graves USMC ret

the architecture

while i need to remember William Millican Randolph. The architecture just makes sense because of William Randolph's history.
—Guest jonathan

rapid appointment schedular

This web site does not work. I have spent hours spread over 3 days trying to get and appointment sscheduled for id card
—Guest Jesse J Ratchford

By Far

By far the worst housing after 20+ years in the military. Love San Antonio but this base was know as the showcase of the AF. Guess if you drive around it looks good however inside undated, cheap, toilets (industrial like at a ball park), rats (yes big ones), and of course bugs. Windows have mold inside double pains, that brings another point, mold in the houses painted over. Would I live on this base? Never, if only someone would have told me the issues before hand. Cost of the home is not worth the aggravation or space. Maintenance people are very friendly but do not fix just cover up problems. The only plus would be the time travel to work.

phone numbers

All the phone numbers listed for the med clinic and Randolph clinic are incorrect.
—Guest Lt. Col. Donald W. Bagley, Ret

Col (Ret)

You internet phone numbers either are no longer in service or dead end recording, not allowing contact with immunization clinic and other branches of the clinic
—Guest Hugh West

lack of care at the hospital

Just relocated here, changed my Tricare no problem. Was getting low on my meds and tried to make an appointment was told there are no openings for the month to go to the emergency room. Tried to call the numbers on the website, none of them work! I have never heard of going to an ER for a routine problem...not acceptable.
—Guest Randolph Hospital

Wish I could go there!

Randolph is a gorgeous base and the area is amazing! I was stationed at Dyess and used to visit. Now I'm wondering if there are active duty crew chief assignments I could get there. Does anyone know if it's just civilians working those jets?
—Guest cchief

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Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

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