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Readers Respond: Experiences at Ramstein Air Base, Germany

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Substandard Living in Stairwell Housing

Stairwell housing in KMC is disgusting and pitiful. A 4-Bedroom unit is 1300 square feet and the "laundry room" is the same room as the master bedroom. The only wall a bed would fit on in the master bedroom is the one with the washer and dryer on the other side. The standard of living on base here in KMC is a lot lower than any base in the US. If you get orders to KMC and are E6 and under, do yourself a favor and look for a house to rent off base. The convenience is nice, but it's not worth living in a sardine can.
—Guest Sgt Barnes

Bedbugs in vogelweh

We had to stay in the hotel on vogelweh this weekend and were completely grossed out to find bed bugs. I will never stay there again.
—Guest Molly

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Experiences at Ramstein Air Base, Germany

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