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Readers Respond: Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina

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Housing not good

We bought a home d/t bad housing options at the time. Hear it may be better now. Lived in Carolina Lakes, 15 mins. Lake, golf, close friendly. Near Highland Elementary, not a great school glad we moved. See ratings on Great Schools.com. Community beautiful, cheap living. Commissary huge and clean, new when we were there. Hospital is DeWitt. Neighbor was our PA! Decent services. Very rural. Dentist near Cape Fear Hsp. super! Food Lion. Avoid Fayetteville for housing, shopping is dangerous near mall but we did it just kept kids close. Good restaurants. Chik Filet, Burgers etc. Liked the base..still own the home there. Look for homes on Militarybyowner.com. Ours rents in mere hours! Weather nice. Lake on base nice for lunch w hubby. Baby kids and I used to sit at BK and cry as Dad's plane would fly over our parked car multiple times in our three years. He wasn't home much, so Caroline Lakes was safe and friendly while I was alone. Kids were happy there. Activities on base were terrific.

Pope daycare

Would not recommend anyone to this facility! An infant died at that facility in March of this year. They put the infant face down, then let him suffocate to death. Would you want your child here?
—Guest Marsha


I tried sending an email from the Pope web site and it came back as undeliverable. Does Pope AFB have a military personnel office where military ID cards are issued? Where is it located? Hours they handle retiree dependents ID cards? Live in Salisbury, NC Charles L Nickerson, TSGT Retired 704-639-0194

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Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina

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