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Readers Respond: Experiences at Osan Air Base, South Korea

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Osan Air Base, South Korea? Tell us all about your experiences.

Skivvy Nine

Assigned to 6903 Security Sq, 75-76, worked in maint section admin. Fantastic remote tour. LOL
—Guest Jim

Visit at the pharmacy

I had the most unpleasent experience at the pharmacy.A female in the airforce with the last name of Nelson was extremely rude and ignored every question that I had asked her.She said she didnt even have to fill my perscription so she wasent going to listen to what was wrong with it.She laughed and told me there was nothing I could do.I went back to the er to find out that she did give me the wrong medicine,and they told me that this isnt the first time this has happened.Be careful very scary especially with small children.
—Guest Faith

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