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Readers Respond: Experiences at Misawa Air Base, Japan

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan? Tell us all about your experiences.

439 FMS

I was at Misawa from 8/63 to 8/65 worked the engine shop and test cell and engine conditioning on the line. When I got there there were several squadrons of F-100s but they were redeployed back to the US, England AFB, and there was a squadron of F-102s (4th FIS) and a squadron of RF-101C which went to Vietnam TDY. Many of went TDY there also. A bit primitive at Tan Son Nhut back then, living it tents and etc. Enjoyed Misawa very much.
—Guest Jerry Zerm


Station at misawa air force base 1968 1970 c0ntact t/sgt james br0wn # 804 300 0626
—Guest jjames brown

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