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Readers Respond: Experiences at Misawa Air Base, Japan

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

439 FMS

I was at Misawa from 8/63 to 8/65 worked the engine shop and test cell and engine conditioning on the line. When I got there there were several squadrons of F-100s but they were redeployed back to the US, England AFB, and there was a squadron of F-102s (4th FIS) and a squadron of RF-101C which went to Vietnam TDY. Many of went TDY there also. A bit primitive at Tan Son Nhut back then, living it tents and etc. Enjoyed Misawa very much.
—Guest Jerry Zerm


10/1958-7/1960. 6139 ,Opns, Airborne Radio Op C-119,C-47 support missions to Kadena & K8 Kunsan. TDY Osan K55 11/59-2/69.PCS to March AFB KC-97, PCS Vandenberg CA VC-97 Command Flight crew 1st Missle Div. Also downrange support Einewetok test range
—Guest Larry Norton


was staioned jan57-jan58 with 4th FIS. had a wonderful tour. tried to extend was sent to travis instead. was jet engine mechanic. would like to hear from others assigned in this time period. retired fro scott afb in 1975. was training ncoic hdqtrs mac. from misawa went to travis for 8.5 years, then to alaska, to 58thwrs in albuquerque new mexico for 5 years then to scott. sure miss military life.
—Guest jack l. bosker


Station at misawa air force base 1968 1970 c0ntact t/sgt james br0wn # 804 300 0626
—Guest jjames brown

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Experiences at Misawa Air Base, Japan

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