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Readers Respond: Experiences at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

Responses: 14


Have you ever been to or stationed at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

I was at the Kun 3 times

Tdy in 70. Pcs 74-77. Pcs 84-85. Watched it change a lot for the better over the years. Met some of the best people there Koreans included. Go Wolf Pack!


I was at Kunsan (K8) July 1952 to Jan. 1953. It was hot in the summer, muddy in the fall and very cold in the winter. We worked on the F84, 474th FBG, 428TH Sq.I was with a great bunch of guys and think of them often.
—Guest Jim A

Black Jack Player

Was there from Feb 1975 until Feb 1976 did want to go but later, Did not want to go later did not want to leave, Very good Base. Made a lot of good friends.
—Guest Clinton Hassell

Co C 802nd Construction engineers

My time at Lunsan Air Base Wes's an experience I will never forget I was on guard duty one night when all the lights went out and all I heard was the roar of the Yellow Sea and a lot of voices
—Guest Allen LaVenture

802nd Engineers

I was stationed in Kunsan. From July 1962 until August 1963
—Guest Allen


I was with the 6175th Air Police Squadron Aug 62 until Sep 63. My most memorable time was patrolling the ramp during Typhoon Rosie. We had a great bunch of air policeman at that time and I really enjoyed the time I was assigned there.
—Guest E Phillips

6175th Air Police Squadron 64-65 (K8)

My most memorable Kunsan AB experience was the opportunity to field test the Colt AR-15, (M-16) rifle before it became the standard weapon in the US armed forces. Back then we were issued (M-2) 30 caliber carbines. When we arrived at the firing range, they had what appeared to be plastic Mattel toy guns set up on the firing line. To our surprise, these were the real deal. It was a minor historic event, our testing of those weapons helped to convince the military to adopt the first generation M-16 rifle. In 1967 I became reacquainted with the weapon in South Vietnam.

My, how you've changed, Kunsan!

I was stationed there for 13 months, prior to the Moonwalk, and I was the editor of a newsletter we called the "Yoboseyo" which served as a means of getting news back home for many of the regular AF and Guard and Reserve Airmen. The base was much different then; very primitive. I would like to contact an office from where I could purchase memorabilia... mugs, caps, etc. None of that stuff was available in '68 - 69. I never thought I'd miss the Kun. Thanks
—Guest Mardy Karger

Security forces

Was at the kun from 84 to 85 had a blast Security forces.
—Guest gary battles


This is my first duty assignment. Can't wait to go.
—Guest Hannah

3rd food ser. sr. 51-53

NIGHT COOK was on duty when the mess hall burned down was there on my 19th birthday met many friends but can't remember any of them m now retire from the army after 22 years of service.
—Guest Simon Thomas

Old Timer

I was assigned to Kunsan AFB from September 1951 to April 1952 with the 3rd Bomb Wing (L). Kunsan was known as K-9 in those days. It was a very primitive base that was equipped for only one thing: Making war. We flew Douglas B-26 light bombers, attacking rail lines, bridges, highways and troop concentrations in North Korea. Generally, we were never allowed off the base as it was considered too dangerous. Consequently, I never learned a single word in the Korean language.
—Guest Jack M.


Spent 11 months in the 8th Army @ Kunsan AB in 1960.
—Guest Jim


Spent 11 months in the 8th Army @ Kunsan AB in 1960.
—Guest Jim

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Experiences at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

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