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Readers Respond: Experiences at Izmir Air Base, Turkey

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Izmir Air Base, Turkey? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

My tour at civil fab

I was stationed there from 1965 thru 1967. At the end of my tour I tried to do another tour there. Really I enjoyed the stay.had a girlfriend who worked at the Shan Pavion. Her name was Selma. I was 18, Selma was 30. The port itself was fun to walk around in. Bazarrs to walk through, friendly bars for a brew. My friend Rich and I would Go to the park in central Izmir every Sunday am. Great memories for an 18 year old just starting His life. Regards
—Guest Edward Preston


My father was stationed in Izmir. I also graduated high school there. I loved it, loved the people. I loved the food. I loved the whole experience. Lovers lane, gold alley, etc.... Izmir is a wonderful place to live.
—Guest Essie A. Taylor


Stationed at the clinic from 85-86. Loved the area, hated the officers from Arkansas. (Not the first time I had run ins with residents from there)... Lots to do and see, cheap, beautiful. Not having a real base immersed you in the community. Would go back in a heartbeat, dread (THY) airlines. (they Hate You) people of Izmir couldn't have been more friendly. Guess the Kordon hotel is gone. Remember how big a deal the baskin Robbins trailer was. All the pastries you could eat. Great food. This was before the Internet and the once monthly free autovon was a lifesaver. Took my wife and 3 kids. Only one attempt at blowing my truck up, felt secure 99% of the time. Remember chaos when US Navy was in port. Lots of cultural tiptoeing required at the time. Don't even think of doing anything illegal, inhaling or not. Turkish prison was a real to be avoided situation. Fair amount of pollution, mainly from all the coal. Tiny BX and class 6 and commissary off limits to retires.do it
—Guest TSgt D Tillerson

vic colley

I lived there 1961-1971! Loved growingup there. Going to high school there and enjoying Turkish culture was awesome. Would love to go back for a visit.
—Guest vic colley

Best Years of my Young Life!

I am a former AF brat who live in Izmir in mid-80's as a teenager (actually, I also lived there from ages 0-2 as my Dad was stationed there at the time of my birth). Not having an enclosed base upon which to live I think was the key to many of us having loved living in Izmir as we were immersed in Turkish culture everyday. The dollar to TL was very high so things were very inexpensive and affordable for even a teenager on a $20/wk allowance. I miss dearly the food, hanging out with friends in Kulture Park, doing day-trips to the beach in Cesme, etc. Those of you fortunate to be living there now or soon should really, really take advantage of travelling to all the great sites in Turkey...you will develop endless fantastic memories!
—Guest missingTHEguzel

A memory from the past

Wow! I'm surprised that Izmir is still there! I was once stationed there from 1975-1976. For the first few months I wasn't impressed with having to move from place to place every few weeks. It wasn't until I actually found a place for myself that it then became really enjoyable. I had fun poking about the city and going to the agora to do my shopping. I now wouldn't mind coming back to retire there and having fun exploring the city and the surrounding countryside.

Military kid

My dad was assigned to the Turkish air base located outside of Izmir, associated with the Izmir Air Base. I went to the American School in 4th and 5th grade. Our family was quite large, so we lived out of town in the country. We loved it! We were there from 1976 - 1978
—Guest M (Brooks) Hutton


I was there from 1968-1970 working in CBPO and also coached the squadron football team. How do I go about getting some pictures of the team?
—Guest JJ Henry

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Experiences at Izmir Air Base, Turkey

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