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Readers Respond: Experiences at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Assigned Dec. 1955

A weather detachment was operating weather baloons there when I first arrived. A threat from the ruskins because of the baloons made them skedaddle overnight. Bit soon after I saw the U2 kit arrive by flatbed train cars in wooden crates and assembled in the hangar and Capt. Powers gave us a show every time he took off and landed until I left in the fall of '56.
—Guest Sir Pef

My Father was stationed at IAFB 61-64

My Father was commander of a Wing of U-2's at Incirlik between 1961-1964. I use to go to his hanger to get my haircut and would see U-2's inside the hanger. I use to ask my dad "what kind of airplanes are those?" He would reply "son there are no airplanes in this hanger". I was 7-10 years old when this happened. I somewhat remember Gary Francis Powers was are next door neighbor on base. My father passed back in 1968 and his lips were sealed to his death about his affairs there. Always wished I could of heard more details. I loved our experiences in Turkey. We lived on base and in Adana during our stay there. I remember the Turkish people were very friendly to us and my Dad became good friends to a lot of Turkish people. We traveled the country quite extensively and I have many memories of our travels. We use to go to many villages throughout the Country and My Dad always liked to buy handmade brass items from the villagers. He liked to spend money to help people in these villages.
—Guest Greggcellent

Rank - E-3 (Airman First Class)

Was stationed @ Incirlik in 4/74 - 7/75; my experience at the base was very personal as well as rewarding, frightening, educational, along with several other adjectives. Above all, in a way, a once in a life time opportunity after a 15 month tour.
—Guest DWC


Was deployed there in 1958 for Operation Double Trouble. Incirlik looks like resort compared this old former flight surgeon. Didn't know that Gary Powers was flying out of there when I was there.
—Guest Ken

A/2C Sibert USAF ' 57 ' 61

Was at incirlik AB ' 58 ' 60 My USAF story on line at merhabaturkey.com
—Guest Charles Sibert

Civilian Teacher

I taught fourth and fifth grades at Incirlik Air Force Base back in 1962 and 1963. It was a marvelous experience. I met many dedicated military personnel and also enjoyed the teaching staff. I visited many Middle Eastern countries. At that time there was less friction between groups in Middle Eastern Countries and the attitude toward toward the American Air Force in Turkey was favorable because the Soviet Union was a threat to Turkey at that time. I consider the two years I spent in Turkey one of the most interesting times in my life.
—Guest Rita

Experience Incirlik AB, Turkey Cities

I was stationed at Incirlik, AB Turkey and enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed traveling and seeing ALL the sights. I highly recommend this! you will only see this one time in your life and will probably never be able to return. I enjoyed ALL the culture and mostly my job and the people that I meet. I was stationed there when we moved into the NEW Medical Facilty from the old one. Very interesting! Live and Enjoy ALL that you see while in the service it is fantastic!!!!
—Guest MARIA

President of dairy company

My company has operated a milk processing plant at Incirlik for many years. We provided all the milk products to the US troops on the base and in the vecinity, It was a nice job for my company and for the soldiers. A very pleasant place.
—Guest Paul

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Experiences at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

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