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Readers Respond: Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

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Have you ever been to or stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida? Tell us all about your experiences. Share Your Experiences

Nice Base Destin Beach 15 mins!

Our 9th base and a very nice one indeed. Housing is bad so look at MBO for rentals. Commissary is clean, Fam Camp is very nice w/two locations. Near water, very pretty. Towns near base to live Niceville-BlueWaterBay, Crestview, Destin-over bridge 3$ each way. Folks like so much they don't leave. Beach 15 mins. NWFSC 10 mins. Shopping outlets 20 in Destin. Upscale movies and shopping at Destin Commons. Fireworks every Thursday in Destin. Harbor festivals, fishing, boating. We rented a home with a pool...it gets really hot! Glad we did, as base pool is indoors and expensive. Snakes everywhere though! Parks-Rocky Bayou/camping, Top Sail our favorite camping spot in SanDestin. Great assignment! BWElementary great, CW Ruckel great, Niceville HS superb, as we have kids in all three. Town is so very friendly we were actually suspicious at first. Genuine folks. Terrible restaurants though, look for roaches! Best-Tradewinds and Cafe Bienville--super great food and we know food. Winn Dixie nearb

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Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

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