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The elements of command can change somewhat based upon the type of unit. Share your knowledge of any of these changes you may have experience with. Share your knowledge

Wing Commanders

There are more than one Wing on a base. Due to Total Force Integration, it is common to see dual wings on a single installation. The role of "Installation Commander" will belong to the Wing Commander of the "lead" Wing of the integration.
—Guest D

Example: Little Rock Air Force Base

Little Rock Air Force Base is a great example of multiple wings on one base. The host wing is the 19th Airlift Wing (AMC). The 19 AW Commander is the IC. The base also hosts the 314th Airlift Wing (AETC), and the 189th Airlift Wing (National Guard, AETC). To continue, LRAFB also hosts the 29th Weapons Squadron (ACC), and the 96 Aerial Port Squadron (AFRC). There is a lot going on here.
—Guest Caleb P

Air Force Organizational Structure Basic

Because there are bases with more than one Wing, the Wing definition should read: WING: Two or more groups compose a Wing. There is only one host Wing on an Air Force base, and the Wing Commander is quite often considered to be the "Installation Commander." Other Wings may reside at the base as a Tenant organization of the base. There are two types of Wings: Composite and Objective.

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