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Readers Respond: Is the Air Force on the Right Track with Their Fitness Program?

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From the article: New Air Force Fitness Test
The Air Force Chief of Staff has approved several changes to the Air Force Physical Fitness Test (AFPFT). Do think they are on the right track?


Scenario-SMSgt with 24 years in, fails abdominal circumference by 0.5 inches, while on profile for a back injury. He passes his 2 km walk without problem but still fails his PT test due to AC. Has never failed before and has never received any sort of referral or reprimand in 24 years. Commander relieves him of his superintendent position. Is this appropriate action?
—Guest Curious

Change It!

PT test needs to change! I have passed every part of the test, run, pushups, situps however don't meet the requirements for the waist. I haven't met that for some time and also had problems in the Marine Corps as well. I was on military appearance in the corps yet passed the pt test. I don't the waist should have any impact on score for the pt test. I have deployed numerous times and am still able to perform any and all duties I was assigned to. I have two years left for 21yrs and just want to finish it now I am being demoted because of the waist. Frustrated!
—Guest WonderingWandering

Pt test a joke

If pt is so important, why have airman basics doing the taping? There can be 2 inch discrepancies in the taping.
—Guest Guest

the new wave is making me sick

I pass >90%, however, I am dismayed at my patients who failed and are being forced to get out at 18 years of service. Seeing them cut benefits for my father retired after Navy and Army service, and leave my patients with low income to fend for dental/eye care on their own really made me sick. I am 3rd generation military--GF was a POW. After you shed blood, sacrificed time/family time, and part of your life, is a PT test how we're now downsizing our forces? NOT merit? what about my patients who suffered a heart attack and can't do stuff because their cardiologist limited them? and those who are ordered by the shirt to starve themselves just to pass? is it safe? as a provider, I think not. After 10 years of service, and multiple requests to reup w/ bonuses, I am 100% getting out because I fail to see that the country/government I am fighting for actually cares about its hardest working 1% of the nation anymore. I agree. Hold the GENERALS and commanders accountable too!
—Guest frightened AF doctor

Too Many Rules Lead To Rebellion

I am a 21 year old airman who took the new standard of pt test as soon as i got sent to Osan AB korea. i was sick and i got a 93% on the test i felt like shit and i thought hey i did good. well when i went back to work i got an e-mail saying that i have to retest because that is unsat... at first you think wow what did you Fuck up on. i got 40 sit ups instead of 42.. i got well over 62 push ups and had a 9 min run. so why does it matter that i missed the sit ups by 2 if i got over a 90? the new standard is Outrageous. i retook the test and got 50 sit ups and 50 push ups and a 10 min run with a 26 inch waist and got an 89.. now tell me how that is better then a 93 ? im more out of shape but by the AIRFROCE standard im more in shape ? - sincerely Really Concerned AIRMAN
—Guest Airman Unknown

Requesting another look

I am SSgt Hopeless. I have been the AF for over 11 years now. For the past 5 years I have passed and failed the PT test over and over again. I like doing pt, I do it 6 times a week at least. It seems absolutely hopeless that I will remain in the AF for much longer. I am great at my job but I get looked at like an outcast for my PT scores. I have tried every diet out there, starved myself, and more. I even am considering getting lipo just to stay in. The less I weigh around the waist the more points I will get and also will help me run faster which will also get me more points. I'm just looking for a 75% here not a 90 or 100%. Who ever is in charge here please let me give you some tips. 1) Now that you have kicked out some of your smartest airman and are left with decent airman, move the PT score pass rate to 70%. 2) You have made your point about the AF needing to be more fit but please change the PT program to atleast 5 year increments for all other categories. Please help
—Guest SSgt Hopeless

LOL this is lame as hell

So, maxing everything else and missing situps by 1, I'm required to attend PT 5 times a week. Makes perfect sense to me....
—Guest SSgt


I have been in for 29 years and for about 20 of those the Air Force in general have pencil whipped this program. You know the requirements and they are not that tough. Try the civilian job world, you would never get 4 plus changes to meet the minimum requirements.
—Guest SMSgt Nonrunner

Try this sh$t after two C-sections

If it was not for the waist I'd have over a 90... Add the BS waist and I very well may fail... That is just plain wrong. I woul like to see any of the men dealing with this crap after having two c-sections... Oh yeah that is never gonna happen
—Guest Mommy MSgt

Bottom line... we will see

Sadly we will see when the disability claims figures come out in 15 years or so. Knee, shoulder, foot surgeries, and spinal disorders will be big money!
—Guest Half-a-Brain


You all are idiotic you have failed fitness standerds set. wether it is by one or one hundred you failed you are not fit enough to do a job at hand. it dose not matter how smart or dumb you are get in the gym more than sitting on your backside and you would be fine
—Guest Luke

AF PT Ridiculous

It's just as well reading responses discussing your ability as it pertains to your age, and by all means, kudos to you. But everyone is not built the same nor do they share the same strengths. YOu can only do what your body allows you. If another 21 year old female and I did push ups together, she did 30 with ease and all I could do was 20, that's by the tolerance of our own bodies. So thanks for telling the world what you can do at your age and size, but frankly, no one cares. The Air Force are prioritizing ridiculously, putting all the importance on PT when there are airmen who can't even tell you the regulations on PT. We have idiots that can do 100 pushups a minute and brilliant people who get kicked out because they missed the run by a second. Idiotic.
—Guest Just Another Opinion

AF PT test created by idiots

So I've been in for 15 years and just failed my first PT test under the new system. Funny thing is I ran a 10:52, did 50 pushups, and failed because I could only do 38 situps (missed by a single situp). All my previous years I've always been consistent between 38-43 situps and always passed because I was still given a score for those 38 situps. I believe endurance (running) and strength (pushups) can play a role in a war time scenario, but am still trying to figure out how performing situps affect our ability to perform our jobs. I'm a half marathon runner and do kettlebell and P90X workouts 3-4 times per week, and am able to do many abdominal core workouts better and longer than many who are able to do 39 situps, but for me, situps are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, not to mention they are probably the least effective abdominal workout. The folks who created, and the senior AF officials who approved the new test criteria are nothing short of idiots.
—Guest MSgt JNG

Force Shaping At Its Finest

The Air Force is force shaping....with that said they are basically paying civilians to hit a fail rate number to help the Air Force lower manning. It's simple...
—Guest Random


Im a 33 year old , 6'5", 240 pound TSgt with a 35 inch waist, maxed out pushups and sit ups. 11:15 on my run. Oh Did I mention that I tore my achilles less than 6 months before I tested, had surgery, did the rehab and still scored a 93?!!!! If your in the Military fitness is a part of life! You no longer have a job where you can deploy to Al udeid and sit behind a desk and send emails, you may be called on to head to a FOB in Afghanistan where an attack can happen at any given time. Being fit could potentially save your life! Stop complaining and spend the extra 45 minutes to an hour a day that it takes to ensure your around for your family!
—Guest ME

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