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Readers Respond: Is the Air Force on the Right Track with Their Fitness Program?

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makes sense

i like how you put that, getting idiots thru that can do 100 pushups a min and getting smart people kicked out, well the balance of that is having all these book smart folks premote cause they can take tests well and dont know anything about their jobs, and these same dummies that know and can do the job better than these book smart people get higher tenured or get left behing by the book smart people that cannot even supervise their people
—Guest af force beast

Try being not fit to fight... medically

I just had my third surgery in less than a year (neck and back) and am over 20 years of service. Yet I'm on my third failure for PT (waist only) that I can't pass because I'm hypothyroid. Someone tell me where it's written that you can end up being demoted while being medically retired because you literally can't pass the PT test for medical reasons. And my last test I was at 38"... I have to have 37.5 to pass. This testing process is wrong, it's discriminating against people that are tall and definitely not fair for folks that are medically broken. Granted, my commander shares the majority of the blame as they could have put me in for an MEB 3 failures ago. But I still wouldn't be passing my tests. Now, while I'm on convalescent leave, I have to go get in my WALKER, have someone drive me (since I'm two weeks out of surgery for a back fusion) in order to go get my waist measured again while I'm on Con. Leave. Don't walk away from the USAF... RUN
—Guest Not fit to fight


AF is a joke. Most females can't do 5 real pushups and get 39 minutes to run a mile and a half. They pass and move on. Men do 50 real pushups and run 13 min and fail. Fit to Fight what??
—Guest Sgt Disgruntled

AF Fitness Assessment (FA)

The FA is the same assessment as it was 12 years ago: push ups, sit ups, 1.5 mile run, waist measurement. Nothing has changed...except the point system. Why was the point system changed? It is because of the new point system that many officer and enlisted are being discharged. United States Air Force, what is really going on here? The Air Force is losing potential people due to this test. Airmen Dirt Bag, who by the way is sleeping around on his wife with different women, being exposed to all types of diseases, gets to stay in because he meets all standards on the test, however, airman Razor Sharp, in edition to being a great leader gets discharged because he misses his run by 1 second. This is ridiculous!
—Guest Ms. Curious

Sit up fail

I totally agree I am one of the most fit in my squadron and failed sit ups today even though with a 0 in abs I still scored an 82.4 and was the second across the line during the run. I have taught FIP classes I am coopers and PTL certed however I am receiving an LOA due to my recent failure. My normal workout is 7.5 miles 3 min push up sit up and planks but apparently I cannot do my job because I messed up on one component. I say leave the minimums for PTL cert and say ok make a 75 or higher because I work to hard five workout days a week when others do nothing for this test
—Guest John

Sleep when you're dead

I'm an E-5 AD crewchief, with a wife, and two small boys. Let me tell you after working 12+ hrs a day, 5 days a week outside on the flightline and then pulling an hour in the gym on a daily basis (not counting weekend duties, college classes, or volunteer time). I don't have any time or energy left to spend with my family, let alone sleep before my next shift. If the USAF wants to make the test more difficult, then at least mandate PT as part of the duty day!
—Guest 2A3X3

Tough Love

I own an Infrared Body Wrap Center not far from Nellis and Creech AFB. We do a body fat analysis before each treatment of all our patients and I have to tell you that 100% of the Air Force personal that come in here to lose inches on their waist are over or high on their body fat content. I'm not saying that I think that a waist measurement test is a fair test, I don't think it is a good indication of health. I have wrapped 6'5 - 5'2 airmen and they all have one thing in common, the body fat content is too high. You can do cardio 3 hours a day, every day and still have high fat because 80% of weight loss ins diet. You can be strong, be able to run fast, and still have high body fat because it's not so much how much you eat, as it is what you eat, everyday. Diet is what you eat everyday not just before your tape. We have a 90% success rate with our military patients passing their tape tests because it is about melting the fat with the infrared wraps, eating right, drinking lots of water
—Guest LetsWrap


I got a 89. 5 on my PT test, so by virtue of half a point I have to test in 6 months. 'Nuff said.
—Guest Frustrated guest

Waist size is crap

I am a reservist who i belive is be discriminated against because i am not able to perform like an olympian. I am not a runner or never have been, push ups and sit ups fine. Everytime i test my waist measurement is off by 2 inches or so. I know my AF job very well and take care of my people. I have 13 years in and the airforce wants to give me the boot because i'm stalky. Crap! I give my all everytime i put this uniform on and this is the treatment all of us give. I will never be a tip top shape guy or will spend hours in the gym. These standards are crazy

Screw the AF

PT test. NO PT test.. who gives a crap.. the AF in it's entirety is beyond screwed up and flawed in ever aspect. I hope I fail my next test.. so I can seperate and go get a REAL job.
—Guest Sick of the AF BS

Ridiculous Waist Requirment

My husband is 6'6" and just failed his PT test this morning because his waist measured 39.5 inches. He has been working out 3-5 days a week and has been on a restricted diet for the past 18 months. I am a medical professional, and this just blows my mind. He was awarded max points for the rest of the test, however because my husband's body is broad and tall, he is failed. So, this begs the question...Should he crash diet, take pills, and lose too much weight to pass this test? Does that really provide a FIT airman? I manage a weight loss clinic. The requirement for waist size make it impossible for certain statured Airmen to be able to receive max points. How is this fair treatment? What's next? An arm length requirement? Sorry...if you cannot hold your rifle in the maximum inches from your chest, you get less points and fail your PT test.
—Guest Mrs. SNCO of the Year

think before you speak or write.

sounds to me that you were never in the af. or have even heard of the flight line. next time you want to try and make fun of the USAF do some real research.
—Guest oh noners


Future Airman ha your not even in yet and you've got a mouth on you already. Fit to fight please.. Unless your spec ops there will be no fighting for you. PT is easy but once LIFE is factored in, the intensity of your workouts dwindle. Just work out, pass, get good EPRs and you've got it made.
—Guest A1C TZ

Men vs Women

There's a lot of battle between men & women PT testing one here. My husband and I are both active duty and I can run and do the sit-ups required for men. I cannot out push-up a man. Trust me I've tried. And before all the women get mad I'm not a tiny girl. I'm 5'2" and my WIEGHT varies anywhere from 130 to 145. My waist isn't an issue, but I have had a child while in the service and I have noticed that my waist measurement is about an inch or two bigger then before I had my daughter. I became a beached whale when i was pregnant. I believe if you eat healthy and make time to exercise there is no excuse. It's not that hard ladies. Like I said my husbands active duty as well so we both have to make time. And you better believe I'm not losing my job because I didn't workout. And I whole heartedly agree about putting individuals in Commanders PT if they look unhealthy. It's to prevent you from failing. Respect the uniform you wear. Women have it made in the airforce. SHUT UP COLOR.

Join Us

Run a 3 mile, do your 20 pull-ups and do 100 sit ups and then you'll be wanting your old style back. You will most likely take back that you want a harder test, you signed it, you won't get it how you want it.
—Guest USMC

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Is the Air Force on the Right Track with Their Fitness Program?

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