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Readers Respond: Do you think the 2011 military pay raises are fair?

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From the article: Military Base Pay for 2011
Each year, military pay is raised to account for raises is cost of living. Do you think the 2011 military pay raises are fair? Share Your Thoughts

Chicago Linda

NO they should receive an 6 to 8% increase each year
—Guest Linda Long

Quit Crying

I enlisted right out of high school. After being assigned to 17 different locations in 20 years I decided to get out. Two unaccomplied tours overseas, 1 for 12 months and another for 18 months. The only communications we had with our famalies was mail which meant 2 weeks to get an answer to a question. Two tours with my family for a total of 78 months overseas. Throw in numerous TDY's and 5 months TDY to Vietnam. Todays military has got it easy. My wife and I raised 4 kids and averaged a move every 17 months. The topper is that when I retired my base pay was less than $1200 a month. If you want the pay and benefits of congress then run for congress but don't expect them in service. You joined the military because you wanted too. You knew what you were getting into so live with it. If you don't like it get out and try making a living on the outside where job security is very uncertain and the pay is equally uncertain.


I'm proud of my husband for joining. Pay is decent. But like the other person said, what price can we say is enough to give to these brave soldiers? There's no amount enough when you're putting your life on the check. Love all of you veterans and currently serving. I appreciate you
—Guest Moe

Retied U.S. Army

a young person puts there life on the line every day; Day after day getting up in the morning and not knowing if he will live to see the sun go down and you want to give them WHAT!! for a pay raise pennies!! that it? but when the sh... hits the fan it will be that young person jumping up and ready to fight and all we have for them is pennies and a thank you for your service!!!!!!
—Guest Hugh

Money matters

NO comparisons with any job and other sectors, military is different.......trz n understand the silence
—Guest John Carter


Toxicity. Blowing. From. North. Korea. No. D. Pay.
—Guest orange



Money Money

My husband has been in the Navy for 15 years. Over that time basic pay has greatly increased and has for the most part equalized with civilian pay. He has been deployed multiple times from 3 months to 10 months at a time. He has missed many birthdays and family time. It has been very hard on us as a family. More money will not fix that. Less deployments and shorter work hours would be more helpful. We live in military housing and there are people that have NEVER deployed or only once in 15-17 years of service. I find that deplorable. Right now with all his benefits and pay and with working about a 100 hours a week he makes about 15 dollars an hour. That is NOT how much money he brings home every paycheck, take home pay is equal to about $9 an hour. It sucks. We both drive 6 year old cars. We have not been on a family vacation in years. I use coupons and shop sales. You have to work with what you have.
—Guest Chiefs Wife


Some pretty pathetic posts on here. I spent 22 hard long years as an Infantryman. My wife and I raised three children and moved nine times. I made the military a career because nowhere in the civilian world could we enjoy the Health, Morale, and Welfare benefits that we got in the Army. Too many people here complaining about pay and benefits or too many people ignorant of what military personnel receive. If you are not happy in uniform, take your ass to the civilian sector, period! Most of you think your services are so valuable... get out! You can be replaced. If you believe welfare benefits are better, get out! Apply for them. If you're enlisted with a college degree, make application for OCS, otherwise, that degree isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Your needs are provided for, tax free. Drop the cable TV, cell phones, expensive autos, and other unnecessary expenses, you will have money. All of you want in your 20's what your parents have worked for all of their lives.
—Guest SFC 11B4V

military pay?

These guys with dependents need to make more. Take it from Congress men pay & benifits
—Guest Bill

Somewhat fair...

I believe for most the basic pay is fair, it's a case by case basis, some come in at 18 and have no expenses, others like myself joined at 25 with car payments and what not, it doesn't equate to as good a standard of living but you won't find me complaining. Anyways, considering our benefits and the medical options and all out there available to us, I'd consider it fair. However, it's the absurd salaries of those that make the biggest choices WITHOUT putting their lives on the line that angers me and thousands more. If I'm required to be living in tents in Kandahar wearing an M16 every waking hour, and civilians can make many times more doing considerably less...THAT'S the problem. Our nation is built on the backs of the rich paying the "serfs" to do their dirty work for them and taxing them for it. Our military is no exception. But what are ya gonna do...
—Guest Deployed first term airman

what will the market bare?

Want more pay? Don't join. Clearly the pay is adequate or we would have a shortage of military personnel. Pay them what the market will bare just like the real world.
—Guest me

Good pay

Hey I'm active duty E-4 immigrant from Colombia ... Proud to serve this country...I love my job the training they give me was great and I try to learn a new thing every single day .... I think is a good pay no matter what
—Guest Active duty

no it aint fair...

Congress and legislators and other goverment members get paid way more than we do.. but we are the one risking our life for them.. and once a financial situation comes, they just think of cutting military budgets and helps.. but congress is sitting.. getting big payment andfood/diet allowance to eat nice steaks..
—Guest me

Too little pay

You can never pay the Military what they deserve for their daily sacrifices.
—Guest Robert Atwell

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Do you think the 2011 military pay raises are fair?

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