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Readers Respond: Do you think the 2011 military pay raises are fair?

Responses: 108



I find myself in agreement with most of these posts. But for someone who doesn't know first hand to tell me what I make is down right wrong. This is for the volunteer who posted on volunteering at his church or red cross. Im 24 years old and married who volunteered to join the military I bring home meaning to my bank account just over $768 dollars every two weeks I didn't get any sort of bonus, those go to the people who put their life on the line DAILY to include military working dogs they detect bombs, EOD they dispose the bombs. Construction they rebuild after the bombs go off. So tell me smart one someone shooting at you while your at church? How about running towards you with a suicide vest on while your volunteering at the red cross? No, your safely doing your civic duty while we put our lives on the line. Hazardous duty fyi is $275 a month your life worth that much? Do yourself a favor before shooting off at the gums about what you heard and look at the facts...........
—Guest currently serving

"Volunteer" yes...but not free...

I am a very proud military wife. My husband has been enlisted for 6 years now...deployed within a couple months of completing his military schools, but only the once. Not by his choice. He tried to go again, but he was transfered to a training squadron...again, not by his choice...now taking care of all of the aircraft that the new pilots are learning on. So seriously, saying that my husband's service isn't as important as a service member who has the misfortune to be deployed to combat zones many times. Also, just because he's only been deployed to a combat zone once, does NOT mean he's been home the rest of the time...he's still been deployed so the pilots can train for a 1-1.5 months a time, MANY times, granted, still in the US, but not with his family. And with the cost of EVERYTHING going up, it keeps getting harder and harder to make ends meet. He "volunteered" to join, but still needs to be compenstated for his WORK. PS: search for "military base pay" for the pay charts E
—Guest Military Wife

civilian pay

why is it that the civilians that do the same job as soldiers get paid more when they dont go outside the wire they dont works 48 hours straight they dont get ordered to go they usually volunteer why is it im making 40,000 a year if that and they are making 100,000 something doesnt seem right there-
—Guest fed up


soldiers should get payed alot more then average period. If the pay was better& for sure, then army would be bigger and stronger.
—Guest guest


Is ther a pay chart for E-1 - E-9, for example when I first went in a Private's basic pay was $78. dollars a month, if he were single. and it listed all the pay rates up to and including General. Isn't that available any longer.
—Guest Mark


We're a military family and its easy for those who aren't to think its some dream. We are blessed with what we have yes. We chose the life. But our families miss a lot of special momments others take for granted and some seem oblivious to the fact that we need a military period! Be thankful others join. We will never be weathly and the benefits people think are great, aren't. For middle enlisted ranks its the hardest. We had way more diposable income at lower ranks before kids. Pay raises aren't that great as you pick up rank. Ordering SUV parts, good assumption because one person breaks the law they all do! Benefit cuts are sucking! Our son is allergic to food. Tricare will not cover his $60 every 3 days presc. formula. Other insurances cover it. Through friends we also finding they are denying many other things infants need to live decent lives like medical helmets. Thats 2500 dollars militay families don't have. But if we were on welfare these things would be covered!
—Guest military family

Vital Thing Forgot

First off - thank you everyone who pays for my family to get by. Second, I think everyone is forgetting something vital - the standard US Navy work week (as of Basile report and many other authoritative documented studies) is 70 hours. Crickets? I know some deploy some don't, and some don't work that much. However, that's what we statistically work on average. I will be the first to say it's hard, and potentially family destroying (among other things), but also potentially rewarding. If a person was promoted early every time possible, served five years, after all benefits tallied, 49,000 a year. I'm happy with it. However, it's also 13 dollars an hour. Honestly, we all know life isn't fair. Is that pay fair for the work we do? No. Put a price on freedom, try. However, we shouldn't get raises beyond inflation. We ARE a VOLUNTEER force. You pay for our service - thank you. You can't and we don't want you to pay for results by standing in battle and taking a bullet.
—Guest Pisces Patriot

Military Pay

Yes I believe the Military Pay is reasonable and fair. However,I note,the discussion on pay omitted and disclosure of all of the medical benefits enjoyed by the personnel and Family,the Death Benefit or the other benefits ie.,special assignment,hazardous duty etc which make up the total picture of military pay benefits.
—Guest Randy D. Lang


I'm iin the military. How can you say this guy deserves more for deploying? It's the luck of the draw. I have never deployed. I've never deployed. I've volunteered 3 times and never went anywhere. That doesn't mean my family doesn't suffer. I have left them several times. When your told where your going to live what you can and can't do. I can barely afford to feed my family, but people on welfare are eating steak, selling drugs and driving nice cars. This does not count for the people who actually need the help, but if you dont get off assistance. Or use it to help needy kids.
—Guest Jeremy

Hey 88MDriver

You wanna make as much as those evil rich guys. Well, this is America, and you can. Except you realized or decided all by your, that you are either too lazy or too stupit do do the work necessary to become rich. Oh, but take away all the rich guys money and it will all be better, that's your idea. You decided right.
—Guest TonyMac


I beleave they'll continuee to take away from our Solider's little by little as they always fight for there right for them to continuee to screw them.. Wrong
—Guest Sandy

NO is not

The military gets ramdomly drug tested. why dont we test the welfare and those who depend on public assistant for anything WIC, Title 22 or title 26 section 8 or get anything for free from the gov. I say whatever we get from that increase mil pay with it. also monitor the money check their homes make sure they are not putting their SNAP .35C or .50C to a dollar as all do then use the money for lets see fake nails, coach purse 100 pairs of shoes and other stuff like DRUGS. its sad but not surprising we have giving them a fish and they learned its easier that way most do not accept the free college they get along with it, in hope they get off the assistance. As a police officer it kills my faith in AMERICA, but THANK GOD for all the soilders SERVING they BRING IT BACK to me and many others. GOD BLESS OUR SOILDERS
—Guest Welfare Child

DO we really Make it?

For those who are OFficer with many years in the Military yes maybe, but those enlisted who also have a college "Paper" even some enlisted personnel have higher education then officers the pay is not the same. Think for those who do not have a mother of a father due to being overseas think of that kid who once had an imaginary friend but now it turn into an Imaginary father becasue he has been deployed for 18mos and his wife had to cut on her expenses because the income in not the same becasue he took a 78% paycut when he was activated to active duty after only being a reservist for 2yrs. I know the price the real price the least we can do is raise the pay, and take care of their families. Teachers also the only support I get outside my family is from school and her teachers she develop a learning dis due to her dad being gone for 18 mnos. which he only came home 1 to burry his brother whom died unexpectectly. I know im not the only one I know im not. RAISE$
—Guest Mil Per

yes and no

Servicemen and women who are protecting our country and citizens should get paid more.....but what about the soliders who have never been to the middle east (never seen combat) or have served one tour....what about the soliders that have had the luxury to be with their families throughout their military career and only have been away from them once or never? Should they be paid the same? I'm not sure. I have a lot of military in the family and have seen them deploy many times and their family have to struggle. But I've seen where they never deploy......May God Bless those that have served.

Be Realistic

If you are in it for the money, then you are in it for the wrong reason. Sure I would like a bigger paycheck, but quite honestly there are many other benefits that we see that our civilian counterparts don't. We risk our lives and devote our blood, sweat, and tears for this country. But so should every American who dares call themselves "Patriots." I'm a military man, and yes I'm very proud to say I help defend this country. But to be fair, teachers and many other people outside the military are just as important and I think THEY need to be compensated as well. It's not just about our military pay. No I don't think politicians should be paid as much as they are, but at the same time there's no reason we should be skimping on the education and security of the future America. Cut education, police, public essentials, and more just so we can keep tax cuts for the wealthy? Sorry, that doesn't make sense to me. I joined to help America be better, not worse.
—Guest soldier.

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