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Readers Respond: 2011 Military Housing Allowance Rates

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From the article: Current Military Pay Charts
The Military Housing Allowance (BAH) is mean't to pay for the costs of housing for a military member and his/her dependents. In your experience, are the housing allowances adequate to pay for average housing costs, or should they be increased?


Do reserve members get BAH? I am considering going the AF reserves and was wondering if the reserve members get the allowances also, like BAH.
—Guest thinkingAFlady

Troll else where williams

Williams, apparently you have some sort of Narcissistic personality disorder. Many people in the military are required to have at a minimum a Bachelor degree ( ex. Officer ). Apparently you have never served and are some burned out hippie still longing for the 60's and 70's to return. From what I can gather you ate paint chips as a child, or you were dropped repeatedly on your head. Maybe a combination of the two, who knows. Having a college degree does not mean you will have a "real job" or even make you intelligent. My case in point is you, apparently you have a degree and it seems that you still have a sub par IQ. My job is to defend this country, yours is apparently to troll various forums to spew your diarrhea of the mouth.
—Guest Williamsisamoron

Military Wife

To Williams. The military may not have a degree but my husband has to be separated from his daughter up to a year at times. He also has to go away for mandatory training and even though he gets 1 month vacation accumulating they can deny him all year round or not let him have time off at all. You as a civilian can have one drink and drive he as military personnel can't even blow a .01 or else he gets dishonorable discharge with no hope of finding a job elsewhere. Most of the time in addition to having little freedom we do live on base because it's what we can afford and most of the time they still take all the BAH for base housing. Maybe you should sign your rights over for four years to support your family and see how it goes. maybe you would like sleeping under cars in warzones after not being able to speak to your family for a month. And then you get your pay of 24, 000 before taxes because the BAH pays for base housing for your family so you don't see it. Screw You
—Guest Caitlin


Military personnel recieve a salary which is competitive with the real world......sometimes far exceeding what people make in the real world. Try being a cafeteria worker in the private sector and supporting yourself.....not going to happen. For the level of education these people have, their salary is enough. We should not be throwing tax money at them for housing allowances. Don't like living on base? Go to college and get a real job after your service has ended. Imagine going to your boss and asking for a raise because you want a bigger house in a better neighborhood or you are having a baby. How can we expect ex military personnel to excel in the real world when they are being babied by the government like this?
—Guest william

Good for singles, not good for families

BAH rates ARE great if you are single, like the previous comment says, but if you have a family they are NOT. BAH is meant for members with families. Single people can live on base, or on the ship and don't need BAH. Living off base or off the ship when you are single is a luxury so enjoy it. If you have a family they can't live on base or on the ship with you, so BAH is necessary, and the rates are just too low in some cases. Like the complaint of the first post, cost of housing in Hampton Roads VA is about $250K for a small family home, BAH doesn't even cover the mortgage if you are below E7...and rent in the area isn't any better. Also, the waiting list to live in base housing is insane. It is also difficult for the spouse to find a job because of moving constantly, and there are other financial demands to be met on top of rent/mortgage. Military personnel do not get paid enough period in most cases.
—Guest MM2


The average price of a home in the western washington are is 200k - 250k. Bah with dependents is 1250 for an E-5 requiring to pay additionally out of pocket just for a mortgage payment
—Guest jlsmitty83

BAH Rates

Boise is the highest conus cost of living that I have experienced in 22 yrs of service, and the lowest BAH rates?
—Guest Chad.Queen


I believe that the military bah rates for a single marine/ or any service member are very good! considering you not only get bah but com rats as well! Most people try to live beyond there means and want a huge house and a fancy car! the military is not ment to support that kind of life style! most of the time military members move off base and get a cheap appt. and pocket the extra money! like myself, i live in oceanside, California the bah rate for an E4 is about $1895 a month! I live in a two bedroom appt. and only spend $1150 per month on rent with utilities included! so i pocket $745 every month! less expensive housing is out there you dont always need a 3 bedroom house with a two car garage and a swimming pool!
—Guest CPL/E4


i would say that rates are slightly low considering the high cost of leave in new york
—Guest Matthew Cranias

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