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Women in the United States Military

Women make up about 20 percent of today's military. Information and resources concerning women in the United States military, both in the past and the present.

Female Soldiers Protecting Convoys
With an increased operations tempo, female Soldiers are stepping up to take on some of the roles traditionally filled by males, such as providing unit and convoy security. Some units, including military police, are using an ever-increasing number of females for patrols outside their bases.

Higher Positions for Women in the Military
Women are rising to increasingly higher levels in the Defense Department according to 2004 Defense Manpower statistics. Statistics show that officer and enlisted women on active duty increased from 13 percent to 15 percent from 1995 to 2004.

Marine Corps Women
A World War II Marine Corps poster called women out to join America's workforce, to boldly "Free A Marine to Fight!" Today, women are fully integrated into the workforce and this year's theme of National Women's History Month, "Women Inspiring Hope and Possibility," underscores the impact of women in modern day society.

Air Force Sexual Harassment Policy
Official Air Force policy on sexual harassement.

Navy Sexual Harassment
How to handle sexual harrassment or discrimination problems in the U.S. Navy.

Women in the Military Memorial Information
More information on the Women in the Military Memorial project.

Female Instructors at Basic Combat Training
Can women make a significant contribution to achieving the mission of the Marine Combat Training Battalion? While women Marines have served as combat instructors at MCT (East) for years, the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton has, until recently, been an all-male bastion.

Female Soldiers -- Fighting and Dying
Daughters, wives and mothers are vying for adventure and the chance to serve their country at increasing rates. Through the course of liberating Iraq, female Soldiers have conducted air missions, kicked down doors, disarmed mines and shed their own blood. Sixteen female Soldiers have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Women in Field Combat
On January 24, 2013, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed a memo eliminating the ban on women serving in ground combat units, and bringing an official end to the 1994 Combat Exclusion Policy

Is the Military Safe for Women?
For the female considering enlistment in the military, sexual assault has become a very valid concern. If considering enlisting in one of the military branches, it is strongly recommended that any young woman consider and be well aware of the risks regarding sexual assault. Each must determine for themselves if the risk is worth the benefits that are to be obtained through enlistment.

Academic Essays
Academic essays with citations about the positive and negative aspects of women in combat.

Arlington National Cemetary
Prominent women buried at Arlington National Cemetary.

Brief history of military women's role as pilots and aviators.

Bosnia and Beyond
Military women's participation in more recent conflicts and deployments.

Captain Critical
Did you know there are more than 2 million women veterans? Lots of great information here about women and the military.

Civil War
Woman warriors of the United States Civil War.

From Somolia to Bosnia to the Gulf, military women share their experiences in combat.

A Day in the Life of a Military Woman
A series of essays submitted by past and present women military members. Absolutely fascinating reading.

Desert Fox
Brief overview of military women's participation in Operation Desert Fox in the Gulf.

"Firsts" accomplished by women in the military.

Harassment & Discrimination (Part I)
Postings about sexual harrassment and sexual discrimination by women in the armed forces (Part I of II).

Harassment & Discrimination (Part II)
Postings about sexual harrassment and sexual discrimination by women in the armed forces (Part II of II).

Woman Warriors - Korean War
Woman warriors of the Korean War.

Woman Warriors - Gulf War
Woman warrior's participation in the Gulf War.


Lives Lost
Profiles of various military women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Medal Recipients
Selective women who have won our country's highest military honors.

Military and Veteran Woman
Gigantic list of resources specifically designed with women military and women veterans in mind.

Military Women Home Page
A meeting place for military women to exchange information unique to their military experience and to offer firsthand information to women thinking about a military career.

Monuments to Woman Warriors
Describes several monuments dedicated to women in the military throughout history.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
NOW's page of information and concerns for women in the military.

Most of America's wars have included women POWs. Read some of these amazing stories here.

Readiness Report
Assessing Readiness in Military Woman is a report from the National Science Foundation covering health, fitness, and nutritional concerns of women in the military.

Sexual Harassement Survey
Detailed results of the 1995 Department of Defense Sexual Harassement Survey, for all of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Famous "women of war" spies throughout history.

Heroic women veterans throughout U.S. history.

Vietnam War
Over 58,000 Americans killed, 200,000 wounded and Women were there.

The War of 1812, 1846, and the Spanish War
Famous women warriors of the War of 1812, the War of 1846, and the Spanish American War.

Why Women Leave
Collection of postings by military women about why they have chosen to leave the military.

Women and the Military
Information about women in the military from Gendergap.com, an award winning Site about women in politics and the government.

Women Humor
Humorous true stories told by women about their adventures and misadventures in the military. This is a must-read area.

Women in the Military Memorial
Facts, figures, and photos of this relatively new memorial in Washington D.C.

Women in the Navy
Official history by the U.S. Navy about the contribution of women.

Women in Vietnam
Web Site all about and for women who served in the Vietnam conflict.

Women Marines Association
Professional association for active duty and veteran women of the Marine Corps.

Women's Internet Information Network
Words of wisdom, wit, and witticism by women.

World War I
Famous women warriors of World War I.

Women in Field Combat
User responds to In May of 2013, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines were to submit their plans for ending the policy that had prevented women from serving in ground combat positions. All of the forces then have until 2016 to fully open more than 200,000 positions in the military to women.

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