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XM25 - Future Grenade Launcher

Individual Airburst Weapon Offers Unique Combat Features


XM25 - Future Grenade Launcher

The XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon is a new grenade launcher being developed by Heckler & Koch and Alliant Technologies.

Explosions In Mid-Air

The XM25 weapon fires 25 millimeter grenades that are designed to explode in mid-air or close to an intended target. As such, the XM25 is known as an "airburst grenade launcher." The weapon uses lasers to calculate the distance to a target, and operators of the XM25 can adjust the detonating distance of grenades by up to three meters. The ability of the grenades to explode in mid-air will enable the XM25 to hit targets that are dug into the ground or hiding behind cover.

The U.S. military has announced plans to purchase more than 12,000 XM25 Individual Airburst Weapons. Each grenade launcher costs approximately $25,000. The XM25 began field tests with soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009. The U.S. military expects the weapon to enter service and be fully deployed in 2012.

Range of 500 Meters

The XM25 has a direct firing range of 500 meters. The XM25 weighs 14 pounds when fully loaded and is a gas operated semi-automatic weapon. Other features of the XM25 include thermal sighting and a digital compass. The weapon’s targeting system has been developed by the company L-3 IOS Brashear.    

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