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Modular Sleep System - Keeping Soldiers Warm and Dry

Cutting Edge Sleeping Bag Protects U.S. Soldiers From Extreme Cold


Modular Sleep System - Keeping Soldiers Warm and Dry

The U.S. military’s Modular Sleep System is designed to keep soldiers warm and dry in extreme weather conditions.

-30 Degrees Fahrenheit 

The Modular Sleep System is essentially a sleeping bag that has been designed to keep U.S. soldiers alive in weather as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The system is comprised of a waterproof bivy cover made of Gore-Tex, a lightweight sleeping bag, and a cold weather sleeping bag. The two sleeping bags can be used separately or combined to provide soldiers with protection against extremely cold winter weather.

A durable sleep system is important to solders who often find themselves camping outdoors during operations and combat scenarios. The bivy cover that is part of the Modular Sleep System comes in a variety of camouflage colours and provides protection against wind and water. The entire sleep system weighs about seven pounds, making it light and easy for soldiers to carry in combat environments. The U.S. military is issuing the sleep system to soldiers in order to replace heavier sleeping bags that were not as resistant to cold weather and prone to absorbing water.

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