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Army Recipes - Feeding The Masses

Army recipes are used outside the military by caterers and other cooks.


Updated September 20, 2011

Despite its reputation for serving bad food, U.S. Army recipes are regularly used by caterers and institutional cooks.

Armed Forces Recipe Service

Each year, the U.S. Department of Defense publishes the "Armed Forces Recipe Service," a compilation of recipes and foodservice guidelines that are used across the military. These recipes are used by American military cooks, as well as catering companies and cooks in institutions such as prisons. The Armed Forces Recipe Service publishes recipes and meal plans to feed 100 people or more, making them ideal for use when preparing meals for large groups.

Military recipes were first published and made available to the general public in 1969. The compendium contains recipes dating back to 1896, and includes plans for meals that are vegetarian and kosher. Each recipe contains detailed nutritional information and analysis. The Armed Forces Recipe Service is published by the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence, a division of the U.S. Army Quartermaster School based in Fort Lee, Virginia.  

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