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Joint Tactical Radio System - Communication In Combat

Advanced radio system gives soldiers seamless communication in the field.


Joint Tactical Radio System - Communication In Combat
Updated January 25, 2011

The Joint Tactical Radio System is a next generation radio that allows the U.S. military and its allies to communicate over a secure channel during modern combat operations.

Encryption Codes

The Joint Tactical Radio System is known by the acronym "JTRS." It is a software-designed radio that is compatible with several other military and civilian radios. The system allows soldiers to transmit voice and data communication over a secure channel that is not accessible by enemy combatants or guerrilla fighters. The JTRS can also send messages using encryption codes for added security.

The JTRS faced some delays in its development, but the new radio system entered service with the U.S. military in 2010. Among its many enhanced and improved features is the fact that it allows for radio integration among airborne, shipborne and fixed stations. This will allow military personnel in the air, at sea, and on the ground to communicate with each other seamlessly.  

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