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Mattax - Digging Tool Used By U.S. Soldiers

Versatile implement helps sodliers' build bukers, trenches and fox holes.


Mattax - Digging Tool Used By U.S. Soldiers

The Mattax is a versatile military tool that combines the functions of an axe and a mattock. 

Marine Corps Usage

The Mattax is a tool frequently used by the U.S. Marine Corps. It is primarily used by soldiers to dig bunkers, trenches and fox holes. It can also be used to chop and split wood and tree roots, and as a cutting instrument. One side of the Mattax is an axe head and the other is a pick similar to those found on a pickaxe.

The Mattax is used frequently around the world by U.S. soldiers, including in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The tool is frequently used as part of a military fire team. The Mattax has a carrying case that can be fastened to a soldier’s backpack or belt. The head of the Mattax is metal and the handle can be made of metal or wood. Most Mattax are about two feet long (24 inches). In some extreme cases, a Mattax can be used as a weapon by soldiers.

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