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M49 Telescope - Targeting Enemy Positions

Daytime telescope is used to locate enemy positions and guide artillery blasts.


M49 Telescope - Targeting Enemy Positions

The U.S. military uses the M49 telescope to locate enemy positions and help guide artillery fire in combat zones around the world.

Daytime Telescope

The M49 is a telescope that can be used exclusively in daytime conditions. It does not have night vision capabilities and cannot be used in the dark. The M49 is a 20 power telescope that is used with all branches of the U.S. military. The telescope is primarily used for ground observations and to help locate enemy positions in combat heavy places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The M49 telescope is also used to help target and guide artillery fire and other weapons used by the U.S. military – particularly in rugged, mountainous terrain such as Afghanistan. The U.S. Navy uses the M49 telescope to locate and target ships and land at a distance when at sea. The M49 telescope is typically used in conjunction with a M-15 Tripod. The M49 is the latest in a long line of military issued telescopes dating back to the Civil War.

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