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M-45 Pistol - Weapon of U.S. Marines

Long serving sidearm has been used in combat zones around the world.


M-45 Pistol - Weapon of U.S. Marines

The M-45 MEU(SOC) pistol has been widely used with the U.S. Marine Corps for more than 25 years.

Marine Expeditionary Units

The M-45 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires .45 caliber bullets. The weapon has been the standard issue sidearm of the Force Recon Element of the U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Units since 1985. The M-45 is a magazine fed handgun that weighs less than 2.5 pounds and has an effective range of about 70 meters. Marines have used the M-45 pistol in a number of combat zones ranging from Panama, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

80,000 Rounds

The M-45 pistol has been designed to fire up to 80,000 rounds before needing to be replaced. However, most Marines get the pistol serviced after 10,000 rounds have been fired. The weapon has also been widely used in Marine training to help familiarize new recruits with handguns and the firing of small arms. The U.S. Marine Corps has announced that it is looking to replace the M-45 handgun. However, the pistol was still in use as of 2011.

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