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M32 - Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher

Durable weapons is used by militaries worldwide in harsh environments.


M32 - Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher

The M32 multi-shot grenade launcher has proven to be an effective and decisive weapon of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Six Shot Grenade Launcher

The M32 is a light weight, semi-automatic weapon that fires six 40 millimeter grenades in rapid succession. The M32 was developed and is manufactured in South Africa by the company Milkor Ltd. It has been in-service with militaries worldwide since 1983. Countries that use the M32 grenade launcher include Brazil, Sweden and Taiwan. In the U.S., the weapon is used by the Marine Corps and known as the "M32 MGL." The term "MGL" stands for "Multiple Grenade Launcher."

As of 2010, more than 50,000 M32 grenade launchers had been manufactured. The weapon has proved to be extremely durable and effective in harsh environments. As a result, military forces around the world have employed the M32 in a wide range of environments that include deserts, the Arctic and tropical rain forests. The multi-shot grenade launcher significantly increases a military squad’s firepower compared to a single shot grenade launcher, and this has made the M32 a popular weapon of choice among soldiers. The M32 has also proved to have an extremely accurate firing range.

Different Rounds 

In addition to firing standard fragmentation grenades, the M32 can be configured to shoot a variety of other rounds ranging from nonlethal anti-riot batons, hot burning incendiary grenades, and smoke cylinders. The M32 has been widely used by security forces to help control riots and civil unrest. The M32 comes equipped with a sighting mechanism, shoulder sling for carrying the weapon, a cleaning kit, and a user’s manual.

A number of variants of the M32 multiple grenade launcher have been developed over the years. U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has developed the Mark 14 multiple grenade launcher based on the design of the M32. The main differences are that the Mark 14 has a shorter barrel at eight inches instead of 12 inches, and the stock is made of a stronger material than the M32 weapon.

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