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M234 Lanucher - Non-Lethal Force

Riot control weapon is used to disperse large crowds.


M234 Lanucher - Non-Lethal Force

A non-lethal weapon of the U.S. military is the M234 Launcher, which has been developed to help control crowds and riots.

M16 Rifle Attachment

The weapon, which is formally named "The M234 Riot Control Launcher," is a M16 rifle attachment. The M234 Launcher is attached to the front of the sight post of the M16 rifle. The weapon fires a non-lethal M734 64 millimeter Kinetic Riot Control Round. The M234 Launcher also fires M742 64 millimeter CSI Riot Control Rounds, which is also non-lethal.

The rounds fired by the M234 Launcher are blanks and designed to disperse crowds of people, particularly in riot situations. The launcher can also fire a 64 millimeter air foil projectile that can knock the wind out of people but doesn’t do any serious harm. The M234 Launcher can fire a projectile round as far as 200 feet and can operate in temperatures as cold as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The M234 Launcher has also been tested and used with some U.S. law enforcement agencies.   

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